Hit Network

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They would have to play Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, surely.


Let’s give Em credit. There have been 12 hosts of the 2DayFM breakfast show since Kyle and Jackie O left in 2013. None have lasted longer than 11 months.

Except for Em.

It’s a record I suspect could stand for another decade.

Em’s honesty in saying she thought she would take Sydney by storm was refreshing. She’ll be back.


Em is gone from branding now.


Maybe! :wink: She’s certainly one of the more talented people in the SCA ranks.


A lot of Grant Denyer on Ten next year.

Big year for him if he’s continuing on 2Day FM.


No doubt a fair bit of work there, but all of the new shows have fairly limited runs of filming over a concentrated period rather than his schedule for Fanily Fued producing what, 50 weeks of 6 days a week of new shows? He seems to enjoy being busy, especially with his race racing commitments etc so I’ve no doubt he’ll continue his 2day fm breakfast gig also.


Great to hear Danny Lakey on nights!

Although it’s rather strange that they are continuing to call the show ‘Wakey Wakey it’s Danny Lakey’ when it’s on-air from 6:30PM until 10PM.


Can’t say I’m a fan of that name, even if it were in the morning.


They’ve really messed up the schedule imo. Taking their key talent out of their night shifts, for what? They could’ve easily slotted Tanya in for Em (even though Ash has filled in before) and had someone do weekend breakfast. Either that or if Ash had to go to breakfast, then Hit Nights with Keegs would’ve been better imo.


I kind of agree. Do they think all of Ash’s listeners from the night show will join her in Breakfast?

I don’t think it works like that lol.

I would have given an unknown a shot.


Guy would love that name, suits what he likes.


Why is the Hit Network YouTube page still posting videos with Em Rusciano? Move on. You finally got rid of her. Let the people move on!


The leadership is rudderless and clueless.


I know 2DAY is now skewing a bit older with their music, but I didn’t think they would be playing songs as old as this.one I just heard

Original Sin - INXS

That’s got Pure Gold written all over it.


They’ve been playing a lot of 80s hits since the format changed. Even Nova is getting into them. They’ve had Michael Jackson, Madonna and even Paula Abdul this week.


2Day is sounding really terrible lately.

You can tell me all you want it’s “More Music, More Variety” but I don’t think they know what they are. It completely changes format at 3pm and then even more so at 6:30pm.

And don’t even get me started on RnB Friday’s. So out of place.

It’s quite the mess.


It’s a real mess at the moment!

The presenters are clearly out of the demographic, Breakfast content doesn’t match the music position and the song choice is way too wide.

From Crowded House to RnB Friday’s? No thanks!


In human terms I think we can say that 2DayFM is transitioning. To what they are hoping to become I am not sure. They play Sydney’s most awkward mix of hits, classics and RnB. And you never know who’ll be hosting breakfast next.


2Day should try something like BBC Radio 1, have someone like Keegs do a music / celebrity interview breakfast show. Would be cheaper and playing more music would probably be effective.


Remember Hit107 in Adelaide has aligned its format to 2Day FM’s as well in terms of music and is using the same jingles and imaging.

I’m an online listener to 2Day FM and really enjoy the current daytime playlist because its different. In the evenings though the music sounds like any other CHR so I wouldn’t bother.