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Won’t that mean he’d have to get up earlier and leave his house??

I reckon 2DAY should have/still could nab Lisa Wilkinson with the new format.

Then pull the amount of talking right back and increase the number of songs.


Maybe I could imagine Lisa Wilkinson presenting for a station like Smooth, but not 2DayFM.

Agree about the 2nd point though.


He currently broadcasts from studios everyday. It’s mostly Sydney, but when it’s not it’s Melbourne. He stays in a hotel in Sydney during the week. Sometimes he’ll go home for the afternoon, but will be back in Sydney for the show the next morning.


Someone needs to Make 2DayFM Great Again.

This would involve a revolution around the music, logo and promotion of station.

Most of all it would involve management no longer forcing the breakfast hosts to incorporate fake, hysterical laughter into the show. The hosts should laugh only when something is funny. This is how it works in the real world.

This fake laughter makes the hosts seem annoying. And no one likes annoying before 9am.


I.e. implement the same strategy they currently have post 9am for 6-9am?


It’s Game of Games… Ash helps the contestants get ready for each game (outfits/helmets etc).


Interesting, thanks!


Danny Lakey filling in for Ash at night.

No mention of who/what will be in his place for mid-dawns.


If they had any sense it would just be MC and a “more music breakfast” strategy


I’m tipping a shake up.

2Day Breakfast Ash and Angus
Nights with Lakey


For that to happen, they need to take advantage of the now open market and return to hits and old school. It was when they were most successful. Take advantage of Nova’s changes and hit back.


Seems I must have blinked and missed another scalp at 2Day FM breakfast.


Just out of interest, what do you think 2DayFM should do to improve the ratings of their breakfast show? I’d really be interested to know! :slight_smile:

As I’ve mentioned before, I personally think they should go for a low-key approach between 6am to 9am that has the potential to gradually build an audience over time, rather than yet another high-profile duo which possibly costs a couple of million and lasts less than a full year. Have two up and coming radio presenters who are genuinely passionate about music, making good radio and can engage in high quality on-air banter (because you do need something like that to break up the songs, ads and News/Traffic/Weather Updates), but the songs rather than the voices behind the microphone should be promoted as the main reason people should tune in. To the best of my knowledge no other Sydney radio station in 2DayFM’s target demographic is currently doing this, so at least it would provide an alternative to the highly personality-centric breakfast shows found elsewhere.

I kind of want to suggest that Nic Kelly & Gemma Maddox might be great for a music-focused 2DayFM breakfast program, since both presenters are already employed by SCA and seem to have “potential future metro or national radio hosts” written all over them. But to be realistic, with “This Week Tonight” still being a relatively new Sunday night program only airing on the two regional Hit stations (Central Coast & Canberra respectively) their weekday afternoon shifts are on, SCA probably needs to give Nic & Gem a bit more time before throwing them onto something major/high profile like 2DayFM breakfast. I’m also unsure if either presenter would specifically have “breakfast radio in a major metropolitan market” as a future ambition.


They’ve tried stars, personalities, underdogs, unknowns, established teams… the one thing that’s been missing for me with every iteration? Great content that I want to keep listening to.

Even good content that I want to keep listening to. Much of 2DAY breakfast over the last however many years has seemed to me like having a breakfast show for the sake of it.

I’ve said it many times. SCA have some fantastic talent around the network. Why not utilise it…?


So from Monday is it Ash, Grant and Ed officially? Or are they keeping Em in the branding until December?

And is it Hit Nights with Lakey? Or keeping the Ash London Live branding?

So many unanswered questions!!!


I’d expect the show to be named 2Day FM Breakfast with Ash, Grant and Ed. There will be no trace of Em come Monday (or even Friday night).

I think they will just name the show Hit Nights.


It’s time to put Tanya Hennessy on 2Day FM breakfast.


This is an interesting concept: nothing but music from Disney movies on a breakfast show. It happens on Monday, September 10.


I’m surprised the branding with Em is still up.


Let me guess…part of the reason you’d like to see Tanya on 2DayFM breakfast is because she’s originally from Newcastle? :wink:

IIRC, 2DayFM still had the Dan & Maz DAB+ promotional image running the Monday after those two presented their final breakfast show so don’t be overly surprised if they’re slow to revise some of their promotional stuff. I mean, it was only three or four weeks ago that we were still seeing commercials (allbeit not focusing on the breakfast show) with Em, Ed & Grant airing on Sydney TV!