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Rebecca Morse and Cosi for hit107 breakfast January 21 next year. Nothing about what will fill the 4 months until then.


Is Danny Lankey on repeats overnight? Surely he’s not doing a 12ish hour shift?


Danny Lankey for 2day FM breakfast in 2019. I listed a bit last night, more music less talk format with him, I think he could carry a show like that, do some segments and interviews and play more hit music.


Possible, and @TheEditor yes Danny Lakey is repeated 12-5am


Aaron Rich is anchoring Fifi, Fev & Byron this week as Byron is on holiday.


All Metro Hit Network Breakfast and Drive shows off this week, except for Fifi Fev and Aaron with Best Bits of Hughesy and Kate airing 4-6pm and guessing Danny Lakey 6-10pm but could be Ash London or Draco?? Keegs is doing 9-1pm on Fox with Jack (Hughesy and Kate Anchor) on 1-4 on Fox



They used to do stuff like this on public holiday weekends. Why now?


Heidi,Xavier and Ryan are on air this week they have there holidays next week however Heidi is away as she getting married this week.


If these are not the same hits that WS, smooth and Nova play then I will definitely give it a listen.

Mind you I just tuned in and the DJ was called MC. As someone who is no longer a teenager I felt an instant disconnect.


Fox is doing 1 hit wonders all day


network wide


According to Online Radio Box, it appears that 2Day is not involved on doing “1 Hit Wonders” today, probably because they’re in the middle of doing the “Variety 500” countdown.


Listening to it on Sea Fm and really enjoying it. It is being played out across the regional Hits and Fox. Hit 105 Brisbane looks as they are not running it instead running their normal playlist.

Personal favourites:
Max Graham v Yes - Owner of Lonely Heart
House of Pain - Jump around
ATC - Around the World
OMG they are playing the Macarena!!


Not Sure If 2Day FM is looking to rebrand its format again but they have bought a new Jingle package from Reelworld



Logical move given that Nova is skewing older. I expect these should flow through to Fox in Melbourne too


Elements of that jingle package have been used in their TV commercials for at least 2-3 months now (obviously the 2nd one is no longer running), so I presume they’ve been played on the radio for at least a similar amount of time if not slightly longer:


Yeah. They all sound familiar. What’s the obsession with making them sound so American though?


Sounds very much like 102.7 KIIS FM


Yeh bit odd with the distribution of stations running the playlist? Thanks to the radio box Hit929/107/Fox/Regionals all ran the one hit wonder playlist with 2Day obviously doing their own countdown. But why wasn’t Hit105?? Was it because Gold Coast Sea FM was?