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So an older male/female duo likely. Angus probably back to Sydney to do weekends and maybe floating?


Supposedly moving to Melbourne. Nights?


with Ash?


You’d assume so. Unless he’s anchoring drive or something, but that’d hardly justify the move.

Edit: http://radiotoday.com.au/andrew-cosi-costello-rebecca-morse-tipped-to-replace-amos-cat-angus/


Cat was the morning presenter on Nova 106.9 Brisbane for a while


Ash London has been hosting 6:30pm-8pm this week as she is working on a TV show with Draco taking over for the rest of the night.


No mention of which show?


6? Isn’t Hughesy and Kate on until 6:30pm?


Nothing mentioned as yet.

Yes, sorry from 6:30pm.


Em Rusciano will this morning announce she’s leaving 2Day


Hopefully Ed and Grant stay and they get a new co-host.


So is she finishing this Friday or the end of the year? Confusing article.


No surprises there.

My vote is for Tanya Hennessy, I think she would work well with Grant & Ed and is already part of the Hit family and would be somewhat familiar to listeners.


As Tanya does Weekend Breakfast, I feel it would be the smoothest transition.


Exactly, and that would free up the weekend breakfast shift for an up & coming talent within the network to be able to get some national profile and exposure and hone their talents.


Ash London taking over as of Monday next week.


Meshel Laurie would be best. Based in Melbourne as they like it too.


I feared that was going to happen, it seems like an easy decision but what about nights… a lot of inconsistency there throughout the year.

Probably not a bad thing though since Keegs with Hit Night is a much better product and if Ash takes over breakfast permanently then they might get Angus to take over the night slot again in 2019 since he’s leaving Adelaide.

I don’t think she wants to return to brekky radio anytime soon.


…and so the revolving door that is 2DayFM breakfast continues to spin. I don’t doubt that Em Rusciano’s decision to leave 2DayFM via Fox FM breakfast is for legitimate family reasons and I do wish her good luck for the future.

But with there being something like five or six high profile combinations that have been tried and failed since K&JO defected, it’s now getting to the point that 2DayFM would probably benefit from a lower profile breakfast show focused more on the music than the people behind the microphone. Still have two presenters (but rather than washed up comedians & TV stars, bring in a couple of up and coming radio stars genuinely passionate about radio/music) and a bit of on-air banter between the music, ads and News/Traffic/Weather updates, but keep it low key.

It’s been obvious for a while now that 2DayFM aren’t going to have Sydney’s #1 or even #2 FM breakfast show for as long as there’s at least three other FM stations in the market with stronger presenting duos, so they may as well try the lower key “slow and steady” approach rather than spending a decent amount of money on another big name team which won’t last a full year.

Nah, I’d personally prefer to see 2DayFM breakfast produced in Sydney.

And before I hear “But doesn’t SCA produce a lot of their networked content from Melbourne?!” - well OK, but is having 2DayFM’s highest profile on-air shift (which doesn’t go out to any other markets) produced/presented from Sydney really too much to ask for? The concept of having a local breakfast show produced from outside the broadcast area is something that should be barely acceptable for a tiny regional/rural market!


They really should have stuck it out a bit longer with Dan and Maz. They’d be rating much better than they are now if they had.

That has nothing to do with it - the only reason they moved breakfast to Melbourne was because of Em. Depending on who replaces her, I wouldn’t be surprised if it moved back to Sydney next year. Sydney is most convenient for Grant, and where he is most of the time. Ed will have no problem being down the line in Melbourne - he did it for years while he was on 4MMM breakfast.