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Hit107 getting free advertising on ABC News SA tonight (as seen nationally on ABC News channel)!


Had a random flashback moment just then: does anyone remember when Australian Idol was simulcast on what was then the Today Network?

My memory of this is very brief - I’d listen to Fox FM at night for the Hot30 Countdown and then American Top 40 on Sundays, but occasionally caught the end of Idol. How long did this run for?


In news about a 2DAY staff member we’d probably all prefer not hear any more of, Em Rusciano is pregnant:


No confirmation so far that 2DAY staff nor rival stations are running a sweep as to time before Em’s baby becomes irritated with her and transforms into Damien from The Omen.

What was the story about?


Probably Trams.


I’m glad to hear about it. After the trauma of the miscarriage last year, it’s great to see things turn around for her.


Nice for her. Staff turnover is still through the roof however and she is the only constant.



I feel sorry for Dave Hughes who had to did a radio show in the middle of the night, when he should have been sleeping in his hotel.


I love how they have to make the story and headline misleading. It was a light hearted video series.


Jesus christ.
How is this even news? They even talked about this on air and laughed about it.

What a joke of a news company.


The latest ad for 2DayFM to hit Sydney’s TV screens featuring Ed, Em & Grant, without really promoting the breakfast program:

If the media reports of rumours about behind the scenes tension between these three are at all true, I’d probably pay money to see the footage of Ed, Em & Grant which didn’t make it into the final cut of this ad! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ironically using the Fox studios at the background.


Minor details :joy:


If the Sydney breakfast show hosts were portrayed as actually being in Sydney then it wouldn’t be believable.


and nobody outside the industry and here would know the difference. It’s just a radio studio.


Tbh I didn’t even notice at first glance, and I’m reasonably familiar with both studios.



Why does Rove have to get involved in every crack pot scheme they have?


This shoot was so last-minute and generally awful that they had no choice but to use the blooper instead.


Amos has been signed to a US agent for his stand up comedy, Cat is going on an extended holiday to South America and Angus is staying with the Hit Network presumably in some sort of new role in 2019.

Interesting comments from Gemma Fordham:

“Amos, Cat and Angus have been an incredible asset to our network,” surmised Hit Network head of content Gemma Fordham .

“However, with the shift in our target audience we’re excited to deliver a local show in Adelaide that will line up with our variety music strategy and that will also complement our two existing drive shows.”