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You would if you won a Bertocchi ham.


Incorrect, Most Listened To Station means Cume and Fox has 1.2 million listeners where as 3AW has 600,000, get your facts right.


3AW has the highest share of listening, and are therefore the most listened to station. Sorry, did I say something bad about your precious e̶m̶p̶l̶o̶y̶e̶r̶ SCA station?

Cume is total number of listeners, not most listened to.

Hmm. I agree, but I agree historically. Fox is the default because of all these reasons 10, 15, 20 years ago, and they are the default now because of the heritage and history. They haven’t managed to completely F it up, which helps - but I couldn’t say their personalities, playlist or promotions are particularly any better than any other Melbourne Metro.

I don’t see any radio stations out on the street anymore, so I don’t know that I’d say they win on actual presence, though perceived presence is different, and perhaps they might win on that front (depending on your perspective).

If all the on-air talent from Fox went to Nova, The Fox would still be #1 or close to it. If The Fox adopted Nova or KIIS’ playlist, they’d still be #1 or close to it. If the Fox didn’t run a single promotion for a month, they’d still be #1.

They’re in this position because of their history, not necessarily because of what they’re doing right now. Now, maybe if they went crazy and did something super ridiculous they might take a hit, but I’d suggest they’d still be in a pretty strong position…


To me, what you describe as heritage and history I would call the impact of brand. When products are similar, then brand can be the differentiating factor as to what sells. As to what a consumer/listener considers similar will depend upon the individual. ie if you find Fev really offputting, then the strength of the Fox brand will not make you listen to him.

In one sense the brand is a virtuous circle that feeds off the playlists, talent, promotions etc. Can a brand be destroyed and wounded - absolutely IMHO. Whilst Fox has the strongest brand in Melbourne (reflecting the 20 years of nurturing), I think Nova100’s has been not too shabby. KIIS - relatively worthless. Without maintenance a brand can also deteriorate - I agree that if Fox didn’t run a promotion for month they’d still be number one - but that is a short term gain with the potential for a long term fade.

I agree with your comments about current presence (as distinct from perceived presence). I think all radio stations have pared back on promotions and presence over the last decade, which probably relates to the declining fortunes of radio (IMHO) - radio has more competition and the content is not compelling, which has ultimately led to reduced advertising dollars and therefore the capacity for promotions and presence diminishes. A vicious circle, rather than a virtuous circle. So provided all the networks act in a similar manner (ie reduce costs), SCA continues to benefit from the relative strength of the Fox brand.

Random Radio

Yes, but you may return across the day, in the afternoon, at night, etc.

Imagine a local pub you and your family have been going to for 20+ years. The food might not be great, the service might not be great, it might not be all that cheap. You might get a much better meal up the road at a fancy restaurant. But the local pub is where everyone goes. You might try a different restaurant from time to time, but you always come back to the pub. For no real reason other than you always have, and it feels comfortable sipping a frothy one there despite it being mildly more expensive and not having as many beers on tap as the bar over the road.

Places become ‘old haunts’ more for their history than anything particularly specific they’re doing now - unless they’re really screwing it up.

Radio isn’t cool anymore. Even if the budgets were similar as to a decade ago, you’d need to evolve the product anyway. 10-20 years ago it was cool to see a Black Thunder and you’d rush to get your icy cold can of Coke. These days, every third car on the road has some sort of brand wrapped around it and radio just doesn’t have the gravitas when it’s competing with Spotify, Netflix, Podcasts, YouTube et al for attention.

People will rush to glimpse a YouTuber but Kyle could walk down the street these days without being mobbed by paparazzi - something he couldn’t have done 10-15 years ago.


Hmm…:thinking:according to nova’s press releases after every single radio survey, you’re wrong.


In the last 24 hours on TV I have watched Judge Judy, Masterchef and The Project. I find it ironic that I have had to watch so many 2DayFM ads telling me that they will be commercial free tomorrow morning.

Ads telling me that something is ad-free is somewhat annoying.


Its a bit odd that they are running SO many ad spots for the morning program, as opposed to running some of them for breakfast instead.


Something quite strange I’ve noticed.

None of the metro stations( even KIIS and Nova) are playing “Drake - In My Feelings” but it’s in the playlist for Sea 101.3 and Hit 1069.

It’s number 2 on the apple charts but it isn’t getting a run in Sydney. Very strange.


According to Online Radio Box, it’s on Hit 105’s playlist in Brisbane, as well as on Hit 107 in Adelaide.

Closer to Sydney, it’s been played on The Edge 96.1 quite a lot, which can be heard in many parts of Sydney.


My point is I’m finding it strange it isn’t on on the 3 main hit radio stations in Sydney. I know it’s on The Edge etc just saying it bizarre it’s not on the others.


Well this follows on well from a phoner they did this week on Fitzy and Wippa where they asked listeners to call in about something they “just don’t get”. The discussion involved the team sharing something first and callers sharing theirs.

Wippa said he didn’t get the popularity of Drake and practically the whole team agreed. They said that his one hit Hotline Bling was catchy but everything else was so bland.

Wouldn’t be surprised if the Music Department agrees or research has shown listeners agree. I agree wholeheartedly. His tracks are bland and I really don’t get his popularity.


Interestingly enough, Nova just played it.


Probably because there’s a different playlist at nights which is aimed at younger listeners.

They play a lot of “fresh music” at night which they should play throughout the day but they don’t. Instead we get fewer songs repeated every two hours. :roll_eyes:


Anyone able to tell me why 2Day are advertising in Newcastle?


Hmm. Their playlist is almost as repetitive as your complaints about their playlist.


What sort of advertising?


No, it’s much worse than that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The 2Day 3 Hours Commercial Free ran during NBN News instead of Nick, Jess and Simon’s Alphabucks one, simple misplacement from the advertising scheduling team. I saw an ad for a company in Orange the other day while watching 9NBN Central Coast.


Must have been a play out error.

The comment about an ad for a firm in Orange being on NBN is interesting as Orange’s play out is done in Canberra and not Sydney.