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Discussion of historic news events and how they were covered in Australia.

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This was a massive story back towards the end of 2005 when a 25-year-old Vietnamese Australian man was executed in Singapore for smuggling nearly 400 grams (was it?) of heroin into the country whilst awaiting a flight back to Melbourne, Australia.

My recollection from that morning was that Chris Reason and Adrian Brown were in Singapore in the lead-up to the execution, and that the former (as well as Nick Etchells from Melbourne) was reporting into Sunrise when the deed was carried out.

Seven’s morning news was presented by Jennifer Keyte from Melbourne, while Seven News Sydney that evening was presented by Ian Ross, who started the bulletin along the lines of “Singapore government have been condemned for the execution of Vietnamese Australian Van Nguyen”.

Obviously with this news event being from a very long time ago (13.5 years ago) it was very difficult trying to find any news coverage. The best I could get was this National Nine News Melbourne opener from November 24, 2005, eight days before the execution:


Perhaps @anthony78977 might have some footage from around this time? Apologies in advance.

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Next April will mark a decade since the biggest scandal in Australian sporting history - the Melbourne Storm salary cap scandal.

I remember watching Nine News Sydney that evening and they had reporters from the likes of outside NRL Headquarters, Melbourne and even Parramatta, whose team the Eels had been beaten by the Storm in the previous year’s Grand Final.

This is Nine News Queensland’s coverage of the scandal:


There was a video on YouTube of how Nine News Melbourne covered it, but it has since disappeared.

@anthony78977 would you have any coverage of this news event anywhere? Would be interesting to see how Seven News and Ten News in Melbourne covered it.


Don’t have Ten News on that day unfortunately!

Looking back, didn’t realise it was such a large event (probably cause I don’t follow NRL).

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30 years today since the release of the Fitzgerald Inquiry Report provides an opportunity to compare current affairs coverage on the networks at that time.

From that night

7.30 Report with Quentin Demster
ACA with Jana Wendt from Brisbane
Hinch also from Brisbane (with a trademark attack on ACA for paying for an interview)
Plus TVQ also ran a special report covering the release.


Very long time ago? Strewth way to make a guy feel old!

I clearly remember the day this happened and the news a few weeks later when Constable Taylor died from her injuries.

Credit: Oldnewsaus

5 years


Today marks a decade since Sydney woke up to the horrific news that the Lin family had been murdered. This came eight years and eight days to the day since Sef Gonzales murdered his entire family nearby, and as a result was given multiple life sentences.

Would anyone have any coverage of the Lin family murder? All I recall was that a ticker appeared on the bottom of the screen as I was watching an AFL game between Carlton and the Sydney Swans on Channel Ten (it was actually a Fox game) saying there had been a horror murder.

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Special edition of 7News Perth on MH17

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