Network 10, Channel 5 And Fremantle Announce Next Drama Commission

Darren McMullen, Pia Miranda, Jane Allsop And Olympia Valance Fire Up In New Thriller - Heat.

Network 10, Channel 5 and Fremantle are excited to announce their second drama collaboration in 2022, Heat, a premium, action thriller to be filmed in Australia and starring a distinguished ensemble of Australian and international actors.

The four-part series unfolds to the backdrop of the looming Australian bushfire season when two families, long-time friends, venture to a secluded home for a summer vacation. As secrets and lies unravel, it becomes a tinderbox – and not everyone will make it out alive.

Heading the cast is Scottish-Australian actor and presenter, Darren McMullen (Doctor Doctor, Christmas On The Farm), Pia Miranda (Wentworth, Mustangs FC), Jane Allsop (House Husbands, Mrs Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries) and Danny Dyer, best known for his role on UK soap EastEnders, along with Olympia Valance (Informer 3838, Playing for Keeps), Richie Morris (Neighbours) and newcomers Matia Marks, Matteo Annetta and Hunter Hayden.

Heat was created by Fremantle Australia’s Jason Herbison whose credits include Executive Producer of the much-loved soap Neighbours and acclaimed mini-series Lie With Me. More recently, Jason helmed Riptide, a joint venture in the limited drama series for Network 10 and Channel 5 that will air in 2023.

Cameras roll on the production in November with Kate Kendall (Neighbours, Playing for Keeps), an Australia Directors’ Guild Award winner, directing, and Natalie Mandel (Lie With Me, Wanted) on board as producer. As well as Jason, writers include Anthony Ellis and Margaret Wilson, and casting by Thea McLeod.

Daniel Monaghan, SVP Content & Programming, Paramount Australia & New Zealand, said: “We are thrilled to team up with Channel 5 and Fremantle once again, for another superb drama series. The accomplished cast is fantastic, and they will do a sensational job of bringing this gripping story to life on screen. We can’t wait to get started.”

Jason Herbison, Executive Producer, Fremantle Australia, said: “I’m excited to partner with 10 and 5 once again for this tense family thriller, and ecstatic to have such an accomplished cast on board to bring it to life, along with Kate Kendall directing and Natalie Mandel driving the production.”

Heat will be filmed exclusively in Victoria, Australia and has received financial investment from VicScreen. Fremantle will distribute the series internationally.

Heat is expected to screen on Network 10 and Channel 5 in 2023.

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Note similarities to

ABC drama Fires had also used the 2019-20 summer bushfires as the backdrop.

Another program that wasn’t announced at the Upfronts. They’re loving these 4 part dramas. Very much a British model.

Positives are they are local scripted productions and adds another 4 hours of local content for 10 in 2023.

They now have Riptide, North Shore, that pop stars thingy (Paper Dolls) and now this.

You wonder if any of these will actually premiere on 10 or go straight to P+.


Sounds okay, decent casting, lots of Aussies which is good but seems more of the same from Fremantle / Herbison / 10 / Ch5.

Can’t complain with more drama on FTA, just hope they schedule it well and promote it.


I hope these all go to Paramount+. I’m happy to check them out as they’re all short seasons and Australian made but I’m not going to bother if they’re only on 10/10 Play.

They’ll end up there after each episode airs on 10 I would assume so you can watch without ads.

But we shouldn’t be asking for the complete demise of premium scripted content on free to air.

We don’t need to ask, it’s already happened. Viewers don’t watch scripted content on free to air and haven’t for a long time now.

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They announced they were working on another drama as part of the collab with Ch5 when Riptide was announced.

Given it starts production this month, would’ve been good to get some noise at the upfronts given a lot of information would have been known.

I think all Australian shows should be made available on Channel 10/Free to Air television first and then added to Paramount+/Streaming straight after. That should be the model for all Aussie productions.

Yes, not a bad idea, as long it doesn’t unnecessarily delay releases. Semi-offtopic but I also think 10play/P+ and 9Now/Stan should (each) be rolled into one service with appropriate tiers for ad and ad-free stuff. Premium stuff could remain behind a paywall and some catch-up stuff (and live channel streams) remain free with ads.

Channel 5 released the first teaser last week.


So Channel 5 are promoting the next Channel 5/Channel 10 co-production but Channel 10 still haven’t screened the last one, Riptide.

Here is another Heat cast photo:


Again piss poor with the strategy. Riptide could’ve got a promotional platform through the last few weeks and then air it in 8:30 slot for 4 weeks up til Easter. then this show “heat” could’ve come off that back of that.

They’re just all over the shop with their programming and actually providing depth to the schedule.

Looks like the other drama North Shore is going straight to P+ but that will looking pop stars thingy is going to 10.


Arguably 10 have better depth in their evening schedule currently with more new, returning and variety of formats than 7, though they lack the same depth when it comes to the output of news and other regular programming where is where they fall flat.

Agree however that their drama scheduling is all over the place and inconsistent, Ch5 getting some sort of priority to air these co-commissioned dramas is flawed.


They should be running them same time UK and Australia to try and create some buzz in both countries.

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Pia Miranda is on the cover of Sunday Life magazine inside The Sun-Herald and Sunday Age today, discussing her role in Heat.

(Pia is also on Riptide on 10 and Dancing with the Stars on Seven in the same period)

The series debuted on Channel 5 last night, and will air every night until the finale on Friday.

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Premieres Wednesday 4th Oct at 9pm, following The Amazing Race premiere.

I know Wednesday nights are their typical drama slot, but this doesn’t really stand a chance.

Given they’re a little light on shows currently, with repeats filling Sunday nights Primetime currently perhaps they could’ve tried it there?

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It will be only two weeks to Heat’s Australian premiere, not enough time to promote the miniseries. Perhaps 10 put too much attention on the return of Neighbours and The Amazing Race Australia.

10 should have begun the campaign at the start of September.