Burning Secrets Will Ignite In All Star Aussie Drama, Heat.

Heat. Premieres Wednesday, 4 October At 9.00pm On 10 And 10 Play.

Told in four gripping parts, Heat is the harrowing tale of raging bushfires and deep seeded family secrets.

Starring Pia Miranda, Darren McMullen, Jane Allsop, Danny Dyer and Olympia Valance, Heat sees two families reunite for an annual summer holiday in the Victorian highlands where tensions quickly begin to simmer under the surface.

As a searing bushfire ravages the surrounding bushland, an unravelling of lies and deceit will rock these lifelong friends to the core.

Given the current weather conditions and fire threat they could’ve been pumping our promos to make this an event series. But no! 10 just do minimal efforts with this stuff. Just ridiculous strategy.

10 makes this mistake all the time - they go overboard promoting one or two shows at any given time and ignore everything else.


Yes. You barely know anything about Heat from the promos.


Also creates no buzz or intrigue and all. 60 seconds of random shots and music with no compelling reason to watch or emotional attachment to any character. A forgettable edit

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They’re not, but they are. Lie With Me (2021) aired in this same slot and from memory, did ok.

The first episode got a mixed review on Gogglebox this week.

I’ve been waiting for this to show up on P+ given Lie With Me and Riptide both were added to the platform and are Freemantle produced titles, but it hasn’t shown up yet and would really rather avoid battling through the ads on 10play.

Not sure what took so long, but the show has just appeared on P+ to stream.

I checked out some of the first episode on 10 play, but didn’t finish it and sort of lost interest. Any worth continuing?

Heat has some good twists so I did enjoy those. But it’s very similar to Riptide and Lie to Me so nothing new or exciting.


The series will premiere on ThreeNow in New Zealand on February 1.