Have You Been Paying Attention?

Who won tonight?

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Congrats Mel!

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Hilarious episode tonight. My favourite moments were:

  1. The scene in Aunty Donna’s Coffee Cafe where the worker throws a sack at Sam.

  2. When Guy Montgomery was saying that the women were hot and the guys were regular in Beauty And The Geek. Tom said that it was The Cheap Seats and that made Melanie blush, and she said to Guy “thank you for calling me hot.” Guy then said to Tom “sexual harassment lawsuit coming your way.” And lastly Ed said “that managed to be both hilarious and creepy.”

  3. The man on Farmer Wants A Wife who flashed his bum as he was getting into the spa and fell out of the spa and onto the table.


Have Urzila, Lizzy, Luke, Ed And Sam Been Paying Attention?

Monday 5 June At 8.40pm On 10 And 10 Play.

Joining permanent contestants Ed Kavalee and Sam Pang, we welcome our favourite South-African New Zealander who we try to claim as an Aussie, Urzila Carlson, to take her place at the podium and put her weekly news knowledge to the ultimate test.

Competing against Sam, Ed and Urzila for both points and laughs will be Have You Been Paying Attention? favourites, Lizzy Hoo and Luke McGregor. They’re all primed and ready to take a stab at the questions being thrown their way by Quizmaster Tom Gleisner.

Our quizmaster extraordinaire has his work cut out for him this week, so prepare yourself for a wild ride as he tries to keep this bold bunch in check.



This post confused me. Because I was sure I kept seeing Kitty advertised for this week on tv.

Is it usual to have the lineup for the next week already advertised before this weeks ep is aired? :thinking:

This isn’t a promo though. It’s not like they’re advertising it. This lineup is planned in advance and the only place you’re seeing it is here.

The upcoming line up is almost always confirmed Sunday, the week before they shoot the episode, and is announced during the aired episode on Monday.

Information provided about 10 days in advance.

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My point is, I usually see the next weeks lineup on here, at the end of the current weeks ep. All week I had been thinking, I’m sure Kitty is on this week. I feel it’s not usual to have the following weeks line up announced so far in advance.

I get you and you are right. The post the other day confused me too.

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Have you been paying attention to what day it is?


Thank you. I thought I was going mad lol

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This year the line-up has been announced two episodes in advance.

Ahh I see. Good to know that’s a recent change as suspected.

Jamie is appearing to promote this Saturday’s A-League Men grand final between Melbourne City and Central Coast (which will be shown live on 10 and P+).

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Featuring in tonight’s opener

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Could’ve sworn Joe Biden was on the set just now :rofl:

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Favourite moments last night were:

  1. When Lloyd said the Member for Gippsland flopped out his Member for Gippsland meaning he flopped out his penis.

  2. When Sam told Tom to give him 3 praises. Tom’s first praise to Tom was that he enjoyed playing golf with him, which Sam responded “well I didn’t!”

Sam ‘Fishing for Compliments’ Pang.