Happy New Year! Thread


Not many from this site I reckon haha


Year of the Sheep?


Happy New Year and birthday? @MTLCK :raised_hands:


Happy New Year from the other side of the world (UK)



Where are you in the UK Johnson?


Happy New Year from the other side of the ditch. Let’s hope for a busy and news worthy year.


Happy New Year!
My first year on this forum (or three months) has been good fun. Let’s have that can continue for 2019!


Happy New Year, team.

Now, if I read one more bloody post suggesting 10 should move The Project’s timeslot, it won’t be such a happy one…


Happy new year. F##k off 2018.


I can’t believe this will be the last year of the “teenies”… Next year will be the twenties.

It’s not so much where have the years gone, but where have the decades gone :thinking:




Happy New Year. Hopefully there aren’t any illegal fireworks being set off where you are! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There are many wishes for 2019 I’d like to direct at Australian media outlets, but I’ll keep it quick by only asking for one: With the current version about to turn 11 (and possibly become the oldest theme music to remain in use anywhere on Australian TV), can we please have new/remixed theme music for Nine News? :slight_smile:


Happy New Year, past 3 years have been great on here! To think that it is the last year of this decade, 2020 next year and we’ll be living in the 20’s again, sounds so futuristic but also incredible!


Happy New Year! Lets hope its a good one for all of us :slight_smile:


I was kinda looking forward to some dodgy fireworks. In the past few years they’ve been almost impressive, but sadly it was very lacking this year in my neighbourhood. I could see a fraction of the CBD fireworks from my backyard but it’s a long way off.


What did everyone think of Sydneys fireworks display this year?


Happy New Year. 12 months ago I was in London on the banks of the Thames watching the fireworks emitting from the London Eye. The Sydney fireworks were good but not as spectacular as in past few years.


My New Years resolution: bang on about moving Ten News to 6pm, local weekend news, moving The Project to 7pm, a Ten This Morning breakfast show and incorporating CBS scheduling and on air presentation into Ten ad nauseam for the next 365 days. 2019 isn’t looking too dissimilar to 2018 here at Media Spy.


After Charlie Pickering and Zan Rowe did the final countdown, they didnt say Happy New Year as the fireworks went off. I felt not happy about it.


And that it STILL isn’t 2019 in WA yet :grinning: