Great songs heard on radio


Truganini - Midnight Oil

Now Playing on MMM Aussie Digital.

I reckon this is quite possibly the Oils best song, but it’s rarely heard on the radio. Another example for me of the best selling song not necessarily being that artists best.

Unfortunately the 48kbps compression doesn’t do it justice.


Awesome song and good on Aussie for playing it.


Without You by Silverchair on the regional Hit network tonight. Well in QLD at least.


I am a 44 year old male and the sad thing is that I am enjoying the regional Hit FM stations more then the regional Triple M station these days. 12 months ago there was no way that I would listen to Hit as we had more choice back then.


It would be a similar situation in the Illawarra, in which i98 would be more preferable to listen to than Wave FM, even though the former tends to play slightly more newer music than the latter. Of course, the difference is that both stations are rivals, whereas Hit & Triple M are sister stations.


Cat People - David Bowie

Now Playing on iHeart Radio The 80s.

Rarely heard on the radio, but it’s a very good song.


Primitive Love Rites by Mondo Rock - SWR FM


Awesome tune. And it’s been so long since I’ve heard it.


Sweet but Psycho - heard on Taco Bell’s Spotify jukebox.


Getting played ALOT at the moment. Better than most recent releases, but that’s not saying much really. Not a bad song though.


Break Me Shake Me - Savage Garden

Heard twice this week on iHeart The 90s. A song from their debut album (which I have somewhere) which doesn’t get too much airplay on radio anymore.


Roadhouse Blues - The Doors

On Triple M Sydney right now.

Haven’t heard that on the radio for ages!


I Heard A Rumour - Bananarama

Now Playing On Hawkesbury Gold.

Probably my favourite Bananarama song, one that I haven’t heard on the radio for years!


I Wanna Be Rich- CALLOWAY
Don’t Wanna Fall In Love- JANE CHILD

All on 3MFM South Gippsland today.


Yes probably my favorite (maybe a close tie with this: )


Yeah both great songs. Also Robert De Niro. Im a massive fan. Still cant get past Cruel Summer for all time favourite though, no matter how many times i hear it.


Give me Ace of Base any day…

Meantime for the B, in 1988 the big hit was this… (with the new line-up)…

They had a huge tour of Australia planned…

But had to cancel it after a few months as they had only sold six tickets…

They crashed spectacularly… but this last hit was pure pop… it seemed to encapsulate all the defining elements of SAW…

I love the repetition… How could you go? How could you go?


Honey to the Bee - Billie Piper
This Is How We Party - S.O.A.P
Give it Up - Cut ‘N’ Move

Played on Hit 107 over the Weekend.
Honey to the Bee isn’t a song that I have heard on radio in a long time.


You wouldn’t admit to liking this at the time but it sure sounds better than 99% of today’s pop rubbish. Same for that SOAP song.


You are right, I thought those songs were nothing that special when they first came out in the late 90’s, but boy don’t they just sound fantastic compared to the current pop songs being released these days.