Great songs heard on radio


only because Triple M have been playing it, plus a few other hits of his. I like 2Day and MMM’s strategy - trying to make WS and NOVA block them by going older themselves. Quite funny :slight_smile:


“Hanging by a Moment” by Lifehouse on Triple M Sydney just a few minutes ago. :slight_smile: I wish the radio stations in my local area would play that song more often.


Really I wish that song was played less… It’s played all the time on the Hit Regional Network.


Only Lonely - Divinyls

Just played on SWR FM Blacktown.


Interesting you mention this, Rebel FM here played this exact track just today after 4:30pm. Don’t know that I’ve heard them play it before either. Great tune


Today on 4KQ

Listening / Pseudo Echo
Street Cafe / Icehouse


It’s not often I give 00s songs (or the following station) a plug here, but I haven’t heard this good un for a while

Dakota - Stereophonics

Just played on Wave FM.


Modern Girl / Sheena Easton. More a guilty pleasure then a great song, but still :slight_smile:
On Bay FM in Brisbane.


this is one of those songs I’ve mentioned on the Oh No,Not That Song Again thread


Computer One by Dear Enemy on Triple M Aussie :heart_eyes:


Great song. In my top 5 Australian songs of all time


First post in here for a while from me!

Been listening to Triple M Aussie today on launch day, it is actually quite good. There is the occasional stinker which forces you to change the station but i’ve heard some good stuff. All of this in the space of an hour:

Touch The Fire - Icehouse
Gravity - The Superjesus
Capricorn Dancer - Richard Clapton
D.A.F. - Powderfinger :+1:


Now Playing on the Triple M regional Saturday Night Party Shuffle

Echo Beach - Martha & The Muffins

Haven’t heard that on the radio for a while.


That’s played quite often on the Regional Triple M’s


I must have been listening at the wrong times!


You’re So Vain by Chocolate Starfish was played on Triple M Aussie this evening. A song that I always enjoy hearing.

Also, here are some of my personal highlights from my time listening the 1998 Hottest 100 played on Double J on Monday:

I Don’t Like It - Pauline Pantsdown :joy:
Father of Mine - Everclear
Ava Adore - Smashing Pumpkins
Pure Morning - Placebo

Also worthy of note is Throw Your Arms Around Me by Paul McDermott (yes, the guy from Good News Week). Has that been played during this century? It placed #31 in the Hottest 100 of 1998.




Not so much a great song but slightly awkward when No Substitute by Chef (Isaac Hayes) came on whilst in the car with my teenage niece.

I let her break the silence.


Triple M Brisbane today played ‘Hey You’ by Pink Floyd. Lovely!


Two Tribes (12 inch mix) - Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Playing right now on WSFM.