Great songs heard on radio


Over and over (I get up again) / Madonna on 4TAB TWO (4IP). I haven’t heard that song on the radio since…ever! An album track from her first album. I’m not sure it was ever released as a single.


Lay Your Hands On Me - Thompson Twins

Now playing on Hawkesbury Radio 89.9

Had nearly forgotten about that song!


Shattered Dreams (12’’)- JOHNNY HATES JAZZ

Played on 2XL over the Christmas break. I wish more stations would chuck in the odd extended mix.


Heard Metal Guru from T-Rex on Triple M yesterday and they just played Ballroom Blitz by Sweet. Loving this old stuff!


Bridge To Your Heart - Wax

Now Playing on WSFM’s “80’s Lunch”.

Though it’s the only such ‘great’ song they’ve played today… everything else has been usual ‘safe’ stuff.


Did they play “Right Between The Eyes” by Wax in the 80s? This is a terrific pop song tailor made for radio.


Come back by London beat. 2gn. Dont hear on radio too much these days. Followed up by Your Wildest Dreams by The Moody Blues. :+1:


Great double shot. Gee Londonbeat were absolutely everywhere for about 12 months or so and then all but disappeared. The couple of hits they had received massive airplay at the time though.


A Forever Classic special, that one. You don’t hear it much elsewhere, though.


Used to hear it on Triple M’s Cold 30 and that’s about it.


I haven’t heard any station play this one since 1986.Looked this one up on You Tube and think that this a great song that radio has forgotten about :confused:



(Spirit WA)

A great forgotten tune which hasn’t been played on commercial radio for years.


Great video clip for TV news nerds too!


Margaret Urlich - Number One (Remember When We Danced All Night) - Coles Radio… Not that unusual but I have not heard for a while I assume it is played on Smooth quite a lot.


I don’t think Smooth ever played that song. In fact, they don’t even play her biggest hit, “Escaping”, at least not for a very long time.


I’ll have to look for this song on You Yube also


Conversations Cold Chisel on hhh fm. Not sure if Triple M or wsfm ever play that song.


Margaret Urlich used to be played quite a lot on commercial radio at the height of her career from 1990-95. Don’t know why even Smooth FM or Brisbane’s 97.3 or similar formatted stations don’t play her hits now!


97.3 wouldn’t have the nous to play something like that even though they absolutely should! They are clueless.

I’ve heard Breeze play her though.

You’re right she was one of those artists who had massive airplay for a short period and then inexplicably disappeared almost entirely. Seems to happen a lot with Australian artists too like Wendy Mathews .


One I haven’t heard for quite a while

Unchain My Heart - Joe Cocker

Now Playing on WSFM.