Great songs heard on radio


Good song, though “Soldiers Of Fortune” is my favourite JPY song, which I haven’t heard on the radio for years.


I played it recently on The Mechie Show.


You’ll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties - Jona Lewie
KOOOL Digital just then.
Never heard this song before but I enjoyed it.


Wide Boy - Nik Kershaw :+1:
Played on Gold 104.3 tonight as part of ‘Totally 80s’.


Oh yes, great song!


A few from 2XL’s 80s TGIF last night:

Don’t Stop Believing- JOURNEY
We Live For Love- PAT BENATAR
Senses Working Overtime- XTC (album version, complete with the ‘buses might skid on black ice’ lyric).


Sweet and Sour is one of my favourite Australian songs of all time :slight_smile:


:+1::+1: from me


A couple of underplayed Aussie songs tonight as part of Gold 104.3’s Saturday Party Playlist:
Break Me Shake Me - Savage Garden
Shine Like It Does - INXS (better than the overplayed New Sensation)
When Something Is Wrong With My Baby - Jimmy Barnes/John Farnham


Mountain - Chocolate Starfish

Now Playing on WSFM Sydney.


Into Temptation - Crowded House.

Just played on Aussie Digital. One of their more underplayed songs.


Not a particularly “great” song. Not even one I particularly love, but Smooth just played Love Letters/Alison Moyet. That’s what I really respect about Smooth. They’ll be adventurous and play songs other commercial stations wouldn’t play in a million years. Kudos to them.


Its uncommon for ANY Alison Moyet song to be played on radio these days, including her efforts with Yazoo.


Yes true, except for Smooth. They play her a lot. She’s got so many great songs.


Yes, she’s most likely to be heard on Smooth. Her music is a great fit for them. Though I don’t remember hearing much of her music on Smooth.


They played All Cried Out this morning :slight_smile:


That’s probably my favourite Alison Monet song!

I obviously need to listen to Smooth more :smile:


I actually saw her in concert I think it was late last year. Amazing voice still. The only song she doesn’t sing anymore is Invisible - because it reminds her of a “dark time”…

Smooth do play her a lot. I have a feeling the music director might be British or at least loves some UK artists that don’t get a lot of play here on other stations. Bands like Take That and Lighthouse Family get a spin often on Smooth - and sometimes the tracks they play were big in the UK but barely hits here.


the program director Pommie Paul is a Brit


And aren’t the Smooth logo and sweepers the same as what is used in England?