Great songs heard on radio


Not really - in 3 months they’ve dropped from 5.6 to 4.6 and are 4th in market behind My 104.3, KEarth 101.1 and KIIS 102.7

The WAVE is 5th and nipping on KOST’s heels at 4.2


Ah thanks. They were leading back in March 2018 on 5.9


Ozark Mountain Daredevils - Jackie Blue, that according to 4KQ today, was a one hit wonder in Australia. OMD, not to be confused with manoeuvring orchestras at night :slight_smile:


Holiday Road - Lindsey Buckingham on Koool this morning. (On my commute to work no less!)


overcomer by Mandosa is being played on Good New Radio check out Overcomer by Mandisa vua you then buy all her CD;s via


“Strong Love - Ross & Pat Wilson”
“Lucky Number - Lene Lovich”

2XL Cooma played these rarities last night. Not necessarily great songs but certainly rarities.


That would’ve been part of their “80s Friday Night” program that airs on the station at that time, along with 2GN & 3GG.


Pressure Sway - Machinations

Currently playing on WSFM Sydney.

Haven’t heard that on the radio for a few years at least.


I heard that one too and thought it was suitable for this thread.


It’s All Been Done Before - Barenaked Ladies on New FM Newcastle yesterday.


Triple M are playing all Australian (and NZ) music for the month of October.

Today I heard ‘This Time’ by Dragon. Very, very happy!


A awesome song.

Today is the first time in three weeks (Since they brought out that that ‘Music That Makes You Feel Shit’ format) that I have been really enjoying listening to Triple M :slight_smile:


1.07pm, Triple M Melbourne are currently playing ‘She’s got the jack’ by AC/DC. Great song to listen to while you’re eating your lunch! haha

As a child I had no idea what the song was about and remember getting in trouble from my mother for singing along to the song. In my naivety I actually thought the song was about playing cards!!!


The good thing about MMM playing AC/DC songs at the top of the hour is that it’s not the same old predictable songs you’d hear every 2nd day.


I’ll take that back. How many times a day do we have to put up with that Kesha song and the depressing "Feel Shit format :-1:


I have heard the new music format on Triple M in regional Australia is not going down to well with some of their audience… @Richo might be able to correct me on this.


I listen to the classic hits feed at Port Macquarie so I’m immune from the other format unless I’m driving or streaming.


I Am I Feel… Alisha’s Attic on The Wave 91.7

Such a great song from 1995ish


I am quite liking The Wave playlist :slight_smile:


Heard on TV not radio but this is a great song