Great songs heard on radio


I don’t know any of these songs


I think Rebel is just a crappy version of Triple M and I hate it because it’s the only reason the regional Triple M’s take the Music That Makes You Feel Good Log because it’s networked from the Gold Coast in which Gold92.5 cant play rock because of zRebel, making the rest of us in regional Australia suffer because of rebel


I think you need help if you think a fringe station like Rebel has any influence whatsoever in the playlist of Gold 92.5 or the regional Triple M network. That’s probably the most absurd thing I’ve ever seen written in this forum - by quite a margin. You surely cannot be serious that Gold 92.5 can’t play rock because Rebel exists?


Not only illogical, but the thought process doesn’t hold water.

As discussed, there are currently three different workday logs - Gold 92.5, KOFM, every other Triple M - plus the stations carrying the Classic Hits format. Previously, there were three: the “70’s to Now” and “80’s to Now” log, plus Classic Hits.

There is nothing stopping Triple M airing one playlist in Townsville and the Gold Coast - both of which have competing rock stations (although the latter isn’t included in the GfK survey) - and a different playlist for Bendigo or Shepparton. This doesn’t happen because of SCA’s refusal to hire local Music Directors, or allowing local stations to tweak the network playlist.

I hate the playlists as much as you. I think it’s silly to risk splitting your female audience between hit and Triple M, the latter of which simply isn’t a female-skewing brand. I think the metro format could work in particular markets - Newcastle, for instance. But to suggest that the decision-making process at SCA is down to one rival station in one market is complete garbage


Especially a rival station with only fortuitous coverage of part of the licence area and that isn’t even part of the ratings for the Gold Coast.


Hey Hey Hey… We are not getting personal here. Geez relax dude, I wasn’t having a go at you, so does that give you the right to have a go at me? No, I didn’t think so. You think I need help, well at least I’m not bullying other forumers


It’s still the craziest theory I’ve ever heard on here.


Save a prayer/Duran Duran this morning on Smooth Brisbane. One of their underrated ones I think and has really grown on me over the years.


Sure Rebel often plays songs that are played on Triple M in the capital cities but to Rebel’s credit they also play a lot of “haven’t heard that for a while” songs and they also support local Australian rock (as per my previous post on Rebel playing Airbourne, Palace of the King et al) not just the minimum quota that Triple M plays. And Rebel plays rock 24/7, they don’t have a football call, they don’t have ex-footy players or comedians taking up daily shifts, they don’t sound too bogan, and their announcers are very professional and slick. It’s a breath of fresh air.


I agree with most of that, though Rebel’s playlist isn’t mainstream enough for my liking. They do have some good songs though.


also forgot to mention that Rebel also play a good mixture of classic rock, modern rock, Aussie rock and album tracks, and their ad breaks are not as long as Triple M’s (and Rebel supports local businesses by encouraging them to advertise).


Absolutely agree.


Yeah but that’s the thing with local rock, I don’t wanna hear crappy bands like Frenzal Rhomb 24/7, plus I’m a massive AFL fan so Triple M is good for me, just that everyone has a different opinion… which is good, though @Brianc68 doesn’t think so


Kyle Sandilands, is that you?


Can’t Wait To See You - Eurogliders - 12 inch version

Now playing on WSFM’s Saturday Night Pure Gold Party Remix.


Why are you seeing the words Kylie Minogue, Triple M Sydney and ‘Great Songs’ all in the one sentence just now?

It’s because just they just played her duet with Nick Cave, “Where The Wild Roses Grow”.



I am not a Kylie Minogue fan but I actually quite like that song. :thumbsup:


Mmm personally not a fan of that song. Overrated IMO :slight_smile:


Heartbreaker / Pat Benatar right now on KOST 103.5 Los Angeles.

Really digging their overnight playlist lately. I also love The Wave in LA but KOST is currently winning the ratings there.


At least listening to KOST online doesn’t require a VPN to access its stream thanks to being available through iHeartRadio, whereas listening to The Wave online requires a VPN connected to the US.