Great songs heard on radio


Welcome To The Boomtown is a great song. It used to be played a LOT by FM104 and always reminds me of that station when I hear it.


same with EON FM in Melbourne


Jimmy Nail - Ain’t No Doubt, heard this morning on Koool


The Jam “Town Called Malice” (1983) on Triple M Generation X today😊


Otherwise known (by 6 yr old me) as the “you’re being another dork” song. Excellent tune.


Underworld - Born Slippy (Nuxx) on Double J this afternoon gets :+1::+1: from me


Car Wash - Rose Royce, on Cruise 1323 Saturday Night Jukebox. Great song from a great movie!


Chris de Burgh - A Spaceman Came Travelling, heard on Breeze Beaudesert just after 2pm

I can’t recall ever having heard that one on radio, certainly not in recent years. A beautiful song of his


Yep beautiful song. I’ve heard it on Breeze before but that’s certainly the only station I’ve ever heard it on.


Can’t say I know that one. My Chris DeBurgh ledger is 1-1 with one good song (‘Don’t Pay The Ferryman) against the worst song of the 80s (Lady In Red).


Oh mate he’s got some other great ones. Lady in Red is truly awful but it’s the exception!

Ship to Shore
Say Goodbye to it all

Two of my favourites. Also Don’t Pay The Ferryman.


Shalamar - A Night To Remember played today on Smooth 95.3 Sydney (and I presume also on Smooth 91.5 Melbourne).


A guilty pleasure of mine, and seldomly played on radio, so I couldn’t resist posting this:

Everybody Wants To Work - Uncanny X-Men

Just played on iHeart Radio The 80s on DAB.


World Party,”Ship of Fools “
Style Council “Walls Come Tumbling Down”
The The , “ Infected” (hadn’t heard this one for ages):blush::+1:
Triple M today and yesterday


I heard this for the first time on 4MMM too, during one of the Cold 30s they used to do (still do)? It’s now part of @Mechsta 's Mechie Show playlist and was given a spin last week.


Beats So Lonely/Charlie Sexton this morning on…4KQ!


“Fraction Too Much Friction “ (1983)
Tim Finn or Tum Fun is you’re a Kiwi :blush:
Triple M Generation X today


Airbourne - Blonde Bad & Beautiful
Night Ranger - Sister Christian
Palace Of The King - It’s Been A Long Time Coming
Five Finger Death Punch - Sham Pain
on the Rebel, you won’t hear these on Triple M I can assure you of that! :slight_smile:


How awesome to hear Five Finger Death Punch and Airbourne on Australian radio. :thumbsup: to The Rebel. I think Triple M would be to scared to play songs like these.

How good would it be to have the Rebel in every capital and major regional places in Australia :metal:


I stream them online, best rock station in Australia! If I was the Governor General I would grant the music director an Order of Australia Medal for services to radio and Australian music.