Great songs heard on radio


I heard ‘Never Surrender’ on Wave FM (Wollongong) once but I’ve never heard it since, anywhere. Even ‘Sunglasses At Night’ is a stretch for many stations.


“It Ain’t Enough” would get even less airplay than both.


Ooh, I haven’t heard this on the radio for AGES!

Run Runaway - Slade

Now Playing on Triple M Greatest Hits Digital.


Pretty In Pink - Psychedelic Furs

Now playing on WSFM’s Saturday Night Party Remix.


Adam and the Ants, “Ant Music “(1981) Triple M Generation X today​:blush::+1:


iHeart Radio The 80s are playing some more Aretha Franklin today in memory of her passing.

They just played this one that I haven’t heard for ages

Who’s Zoomin’ Who (1985)


Blimey I had forgotten that song even existed! There’s a blast from the past.


I don’t hear this one on radio very often these days, so I thought it was worth a mention

Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin

Just played on Triple M Sydney.


Usually listen to Star 104.5 as I can usually pick it up from this part of Sydney.

Some of my favourites Murder on the Dance floor - Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Mercy - Duffy, How Far we’ve come - Matchbox Twenty.

They also had some Selena Gomez which i like her new track to go with 13 Reasons Why series 2 - Back To You as well as her older stuff - Kill em with Kindness, Hands to Myself, Slow Down etc.


Always And Ever - Southern Sons

Now Playing on Easy Hits Digital.

Forgot that this 1990 song ever existed.
I think it was the follow up single to “Heart In Danger”.


Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Now Playing on Triple M Sydney.

It’s been YEARS since I’ve heard them play Creedence!


Only recently rediscovered CCR after hearing them played on US streaming stations and viewing some covers on YouTube. Can’t remember the last time I heard them played on Sydney radio. Downloaded some of their songs and those of some of their contemporaries to play in the car on long trips.


WS used to play plenty of Creedence, but they hardly play songs from them (if at all) these days. I think 2CH does play the occasional Creedence songs, albeit the more ‘softer’ ones.

Basically, you won’t hear much pre-80s music on most commercial FM stations in Australia these days, even in the two biggest cities, Sydney & Melbourne.


Triple M Brisbane play “Foutunate Son “ sometimes


I Don’t Really Wanna Fight- TINA TURNER

Smooth 95.3 just now. One of her better songs; I haven’t heard this one on commercial radio since 1993!


Yeah that’s a good one of Tina’s and doesn’t get played much at all.

On Smooth Brisbane today I heard Eyes Without A Face/Billy Idol. Not exactly a “great” song and also somewhat surprising on Smooth, but I certainly enjoyed it.


According to Online Radio Box, it was also played on Smooth in Sydney & Melbourne. In the context of Sydney, it’s interesting that one would hear it on Smooth, but yet it hardly gets any airplay on WS. It’s a bit like how you would more likely to hear the occasional 60s track on either Smooth or Triple M rather than on WS/Gold.


Flying Lizards - Money via 2XL


Two unflogged gems on Cruise 1323 last night:
This Will Be - Natalie Cole
Nightshift - The Commodores


On Triple M today:
“Time Warp” Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast (original 70s version)
I’m old enough to remember the dance moves :blush:
“Welcome to the Boom Town “ David and David
great one hit wonder from the mid 80s😊