Great songs heard on radio


Concrete And Clay - Martin Plaza

Now playing on WSFM - as they are currently playing the Top 10 songs of April 1986.


Oh boy that song absolute screams 1986 for me for some reason. I wouldn’t say it’s one of my favourites personally but it sure does take me back there :slight_smile:


Christian Radio Station based in Ballarat Good News Radio is playing Overcomer by Mandisa right now


That was a great year for music👍


I am singing along with Brit Nicole as Good News Radio Play Through Your Eyes


Lloyd Cole ,”Lost Weekend “ 1986,on Triple M yesterday,Another song I remember well from the FM 104 days


Yep another one that takes me back to '86 and FM104.


Icehouse - Street Cafe heard on the Caralis FM network last week. I heard it on 93.9 Roccy FM. I must say these days I prefer to be in a Caralis FM town when regional. 2NOW, 2ROK and 2LFF have all been a great listen when working in their respective areas.

I have never heard Street Cafe on commercial radio although I wouldn’t put it past the likes of 2XL, 2ST, 2CA, River 949 etc etc.


Great song. I’ve heard it on River 949 on occasion.


I 100% agree. All great stations. Music wise, they run rings around most other regional FM stations. (Especially the ACE FM radio stations)


2XL definitely play it (they’re Icehouseophiles). 2ST/2EC/2NM would give it a spin too, I think.


This morning on Koool, double play

Oxygene part 4 followed by part 2, Jean Michel Jarre.

Gave me flashbacks to ABC test patterns and The Curiosity Show.


Wall of Voodoo - Far Side of Crazy SWR FM. Never heard the song before from the 80s.

PAUL MCCARTNEY - NINETEEN HUNDRED & EIGHTY FIVE - Not play often on radio too.


I remember hearing that on The Sound in NZ on a Friday evening whilst over there in February.


Far Side of Crazy is a great song. And yes the McCartney song isn’t played much at all but is a gem. Triple M GHD played it a lot during their launch featuring McCartney.


as well as the movie Gallipoli (for part 2)


Hahaha…It would not take much to run rings around that stereotype group ACE Radio.


Heard ‘Show No Mercy’ by Mark Williams on Gold 104.3 last week. Love that song!

He’s now singing with Dragon. Does anyone know if they include this song in their set?


I can’t see why they would, it’s not a song synonymous with Dragon.

It would be a bit like Fleetwood Mac playing Crowded House songs simply because Neil Finn is now in it.


Never Surrender / Corey Hart on 4KQ. Only a minor hit in 1985 but I’ve always loved it. I’ve only ever heard it on 4KQ so someone there must like it too.