Great songs heard on radio


Wide Boy - Nik Kershaw

Now playing on River 94.9 Ipswich.

Haven’t heard that on the radio in years!


It’s no big deal- it’s just Wide Boy!


But he is super fab and groovy, and he struts and he crows!


When It’s Love - Van Halen

Now playing on MMM Brisbane

I only mentioned this as it’s a real “take me back” moment to nearly 30 years ago hearing this song on same station (then FM104) when on a family holiday up here in Surfers Paradise for Expo 88.

It’s times like these I would have liked to still have that FM104 Rocks T Shirt that I bought then with the kangaroo and the guitar. Oh well


Inspiration Digital Radio is playing Give Me Youe |Eyes Branden Heath


I wasn’t at work today otherwise I would have heard this one too.I’ve heard Triple M play this one before ,didn’t know the name of this song,I just looked it up on You Tube


Triple M today;
Johnny Cougar (before he added Mellancamp to his name)”Miami” (1979):+1:
Steve Winwood “Valerie” (1987)
Madness ,”Baggy Trousers “ (1981)


River 94.9 had some good 1986 tunes as part of their “Retro 20” countdown last night that rarely get played on the radio anymore

Russians - Sting
You Little Thief - Feargal Sharkey
How Will I Know - Whitney Houston


A great year 1986.


Valerie is one of the songs that always takes me back to FM104


Triple M today:
Simple Minds, “All the Things She Said “ (1986)
One I remember from the FM 104 days


Yep they played a lot of Simple Minds but that one in particular sticks in my mind too.


Greedy People- ELECTRIC HIPPIES (The G-Spot on Mount Dowe)
A Change Would Do You Good- SHERYL CROW (One FM Tamworth)


I like that song “Greedy People” I hope Triple M drag it out again and play it ,it could be played on on Generation X


Rapture Riders - Blondie vs The Doors. Heard on Koool the other morning.


Wheels Of Love- BEATFISH

(KRR FM yesterday).


Today on Triple M Brisbane:
Steve Winwood , “Roll with it”:+1:


2.30pm this afternoon on WSFM - Christie Allen’s Goosebumps.
Sorry to everyone in Cronulla about the grey car driving around with windows down and the music turned up full blast.
WSFM made me do it.


One I forgot to mention from earlier:



Great song, but maybe keep the windows up :slight_smile: Especially in the Shire