Great songs heard on radio

Am extended version of Nik Kershaw?

In the 1980s I loved a good 12 inch. Pardon?

My favourite ever and I still have it now, is Melissa’s “Read My Lips”. I just wish I had a record player so I could play it.


Me too! I still get all warm and fuzzy when I hear a 12 inch 80s song on the radio these days.


Is this ‘Lump’ out of their heads? I think so.

But probably the most common one to hear from POTUSA. In general they were the kings of 1996 but that’s a long time ago now (gasp)!

Hey @nickatnights - I played ‘Read My Lips’ the other week on the Conga Line. For a song that hit #1 back in 1991 it’s pretty forgotten these days. It’s cheese but good cheese.

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And never gets old or mouldy.

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The Retro 20/20 Countdown on the ARN regional heritage stations tonight (streamed via 2NM) was this week in 1994… Heard these that I haven’t for a while…

Feel Like Making Love – Pauline Henry
Mountain - Chocolate Starfish
Greedy People – Electric Hippies

And heard these on the Forever Classic regional log (streamed via GN FM)

Dancing In The Storm – Boom Crash Opera
Philadelphia Freedom – Elton John (a rarer Elton track these days)


Yeah I tuned in via 2ST for some of 1994. Some good hits they play. You are in the hunter? Hows 981 AM at your location?

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Yes I’m in Newcastle… 981 is fine in the daytime, not totally clear but listenable, but does suffer from some fading at night.

The stream is better anyway since it’s (albeit compressed) stereo sound.

Some from my travels today:

Moody Blues - Your Wildest Dreams (Breeze 92.1/100.6)
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird (4AAA)
Goanna - Razor’s Edge (also 4AAA)

I’m not normally one to flick onto 98.9 all that often as country is definitely not my jam, but if they want to keep playing those ‘overlap’ songs that more bridge the gap into rock I might have to spend a bit more time there.


Speaking of Breeze, I’ve heard a couple of real rare ones today and yesterday.

Bon Voyage / Little Heroes - haven’t heard that in years! I love One Perfect Day but this lesser known one isn’t too bad either.

Sartorial Eloquence / Elton John - again, haven’t heard that in years either. The song was released in the US as “Don’t Ya Want To Play This Game No More” and did better on the charts there than UK or Australia, where it only just entered the Top 100 in 1980.


Both have been known to pop up on my shows.


Who could forget that classic cover of “Smooth Criminal” by Alien Ant Farm, which went to #1 on the ARIA Charts at the end of 2001?

Heard at 8:45pm on “Nights with Dave Gleeson” on the Triple M Network this evening.


Heard in the last 24 hours

You I Know - Jenny Morris (on Breeze 100.6 Gold Coast Hinterland)

Everything I Need - Men At Work (on 101.3 Noosa FM)


Yes I heard the Jenny Morris one too, via 92.1 southern Brisbane of course.

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A couple of good ones on the Breeze this arvo:

Under Attack / ABBA - one of their rarer ones that I really like
Long Road Out of Eden / Eagles - ditto

I also heard On The Border / Al Stewart at about 1PM. It was either on Breeze or Rebel but curiously it’s not showing up on their playlists - maybe a glitch.

Last night I heard Love Over Gold / Dire Straits on Breeze.

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The songs to play when you’re around Genoa, Victoria.


There didn’t look to be much else to do in Genoa when I last passed through, so you may as well play them.

Just a pub and that’s it. The general store closed in the early 2000s. Even their historic old bridge burnt down in the Black Summer fires, though there’s a new one now:

Though Genoa is important enough to have its own 3MGB translator (96.9). ABCRR and ABCRN transmitters are planned but have never got to air.

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Yes, 101.7 seems to have better coverage on the Princes Hwy anyway, 96,9 started to break up only a few kms south of town.

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A few good songs heard today-tonight whilst on the Gold Coast

Call Me - Go West (on 99.7 Bridge FM Redcliffe)

Backstreet Pick Up - The Angels (on Rebel 99.4 Gold Coast Hinterland).

Stuck On You - Paul Norton (on Breeze 100.6 Gold Coast Hinterland)


You should give 94.1 FM a listen if you’re still up this way

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