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Well, they can’t review The Block every single week. It will be boring for TV viewers too.

At least they watched several titles that wouldn’t otherwise get noticed.

10 aired a new promo tonight, in which the Goggleboxers reviewed the Greek week episodes of The Amazing Race Australia for this week’s show, and Anastasia and Faye were delighted their home country was featured.

Did the Goggleboxers get to see the episodes in advance?

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Clip of Anastasia looked to be from a previous episode.

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I was a bit surprised that this week’s episode opened with the bedroom reveal episode of The Block rather than the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.


Emily Silberry is 93 now only 3 years younger than the Queen was. Didn’t realise she was that Hope she doesn’t pass away just yet.

According to promo shown tonight, this week’s episode will be available on 10play first at 8.30pm AEST Thursday, due to the Australia v NZ soccer friendly. Otherwise eastern states viewers will have to wait until 10.30pm for the episode.

SA and WA viewers will get Gogglebox at the normal time of 8.30pm Thursday.


I would have thought SA would have gotten the Friendly live on 10, like they have done in the past with Socceroos on Thursday nights.

There was an ad on 10 just now (during the pre-match of the soccer) saying that you can watch the show on 10Play at 8.30pm - and on 10 after the soccer. This ad was shown in Sydney.

That’s been playing this week.



I am not sure if this is a coincidence, but one of the first shows reviewed on this week’s episode is the premiere episode of Kitchen Nightmares Australia, just as episode 2 goes to air in NSW, Victoria, ACT and Tasmania.


Matty, Sarah and Jad are absent from this week’s season finale.

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And that’s a wrap.

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I’m sure they would have reviewed shows before that screen against them in the same timeslot.

Matty was sick. The narrator said “we wish Matty a speedy recovery”.

Sarah Marie and husband Matty announced this week they are expecting their second child.

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EDIT: Foxtel promo

Sad news that Emmie Silbery won’t return to Gogglebox this season. She has been diagnosed with dementia and moved into a Melbourne aged care home.


Make Room On The Couch, TV’s Favourite Couch Critics Are Back.

Gogglebox Australia Premieres Wednesday, 22 February At 7.30pm On FOXTEL, And Thursday, 23 February At 8.30pm On 10 And 10 Play.

The five time TV WEEK Logie Award and AACTA Award winning show, Gogglebox Australia returns Wednesday 22 February at 7.30pm on FOXTEL and Thursday 23 February at 8.30pm on 10 and 10 Play.

Our favourite couch commentators are ready to return to their lounges to kick off season 17 of Australia’s most popular light entertainment program. The Goggleboxers will continue to provide their heart-warming, dry and delightfully honest opinions on the latest and greatest our television screens have to offer for 2023.

While all the households return, the Silbery Family have had to make the difficult decision that Emmie, the matriarch of the family, will be stepping down from the show. At age 94, Emmie has been part of the Gogglebox family since the three women joined Gogglebox season 3 in 2016. Kerry and Izzy will return to the couch and will be sure to regale the audience with their wisdom that the public have so fondly enjoyed over the years.

Kerry said, “The beauty of Gogglebox is that it’s real and brings families together and with that, comes the reality of changes in a family. We’ve had to make an array of difficult decisions that are best for Emmie since her recent diagnosis with dementia. Emmie has now happily settled into an aged care facility right around the corner from both Isabelle and me.”

Izzy said: "It’s been a tough few months for us all, but we want everyone to know that Emmie is in the best care and between Mum and I, we visit her almost every day. Whether it’s for happy hour on Fridays or taking her dog Pelle in for cuddles, she still lights up the room, and us, with her cheeky smile. We hope by being transparent with this news, that it helps to open up the conversation about dementia and the challenges that many families sadly have to face.”

“Mum will no doubt be watching this season and despite missing her on the couch, we hope to continue to entertain our loving audience,” said Kerry.

The original Gogglebox households return including cricket mad fans, The Delpechitra Family, happily married couple and grandparents Lee and Keith, Greek best friends Anastasia and Faye and tight knit family of four The Daltons.

Also ready to get stuck into their TV snacks are best mates and larrikins, Adam and Symon, Sarah Marie, Matty, two year old son Malik and Uncle Jad, brother and sister foodies Tim and Leanne, avid surfers and best friends Milo and Nic and our latest and loved household Kevin, Bob, Jared and Mia.

Gogglebox Australia is an Endemol Shine Australia production for Network 10 and FOXTEL

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Weren’t they looking for new households?

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Does dementia come on that fast since the last time she was on Gogglebox?..no offence just seems kind of sudden.