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Throughly enjoyed the show this year and hoping next year’s is even better! I must say, I really hope The Delpechitra family don’t make a return for the next season. They are by far the least interesting of the current families.


The next series isn’t going to be on until about May or something, right? If so, probably a good idea because it would cover (at least part of) the Winter lineup of programing.

Either way, I hope there’s a longer run than the eight weeks we got for the 2nd series of this year especially if there’s only going to be one series in 2016. And a new family would be welcomed to replace The Delpechitras. The others were either still in fine form or had improved during Season 2 IMO.


My husband and kids were approached to audition for this today. That means they still haven’t cast replacement families yet, so it must be some time away.


So they are replacing some families that’s good to see.


Does anyone know if Gogglebox will return anytime soon? I’m really missing the show.


Not sure of timeframe, but they were recently casting for new applicants.

The TEN Upfronts had it in the May/June/July quarter so we could see it in the next month or two.


The ad’s for the return season have already commenced on Foxtel. All of the families and duo’s from previous seasons were featured. No mention of any changes.


It would be good to watch them watching The Logies which are on 8 May. Even better if they are short listed.



Wednesday 6 April at 7.30pm on Foxtel’s The LifeStyle Channel
Thursday 7 April at 8.30pm on TEN

Foxtel and Network Ten today announced season 3 of the hit local-production, Gogglebox Australia, the show about people watching television, will premiere on Foxtel’s The LifeStyle Channel on Wednesday, April 6, at 7.30pm, and broadcast on TEN on Thursday, April 7, at 8.30pm.

Gogglebox was the break-out show of 2015 that had everyone talking, capturing the reactions of ordinary Australian households like; vivacious friends and housemates, Angie & Yvie: best mates and larrikins with a thirst for life, Adam & Symon: bubbly Greek best friends, Anastasia & Faye and newly-engaged cocktail-loving, Wayne & Tom, as they watched the nightly news, argued over politics, cheered their favourite sporting teams and digested current affairs and documentaries. And this season, Gogglebox will take us in to the lounge rooms of new households who will be announced soon.

Hannah Barnes, General Manager LifeStyle Channels said: “We’re so happy to have our much-loved Goggleboxers back on The LifeStyle Channel, in their earlier 7.30pm timeslot, and can’t wait to introduce new households to the mix this season.

“Gogglebox Australia celebrates television in a truly unique way, not only because it’s the most genuine portrait of Australia out there, but because these families – that we’ve grown to know and love over the past year – are us. More so than any other show, it puts a mirror up to our own lives. The hilarity, warm-heartedness and glorious kookiness of our Goggleboxers is what makes it such a great show.”

Paul Leadon, Network Ten Head of Comedy said: “Gogglebox is a perfect fit for TEN; it’s disruptive, surprising and cheeky. We are all looking forward to catching up with our Goggleboxers again. They feel like good friends who’ve been away too long.”

Gogglebox Australia is an Endemol Shine Australia production for Foxtel and Network Ten.

Ten Network - Programs and Schedules

Good to hear that Gogglebox will be back on our screens for the first week after Easter non-ratings.

It’ll be interesting to see which families are kept and also the new families which replace some of the departed ones.

I agree. If it’s running for the usual 8 weeks or so, the new season starting on April 6/7 will most likely be running during Logies time this year.

Of course, I think that the Logies coverage would make for some very interesting and entertaining Gogglebox reviews, especially if they’re nominated for (or even win) an award! I daresay that the MKR Grand Finale (that’s happening after Easter, right?) and the first weeks of MasterChef will probably get a look-in as well.


The Daily Telegraph reports the Kidd Family is out, to be replaced by two new Melbourne households: housemates Zina and Vivian, the Silbery family (three generations of women).
I can’t wait to hear what the Goggleboxers think of the Logies either!



Wednesday, April 6, at 7.30pm on Foxtel’s The LifeStyle Channel
Thursday, April 7, at 8.30pm on TEN

Foxtel and Network Ten today announced that two new households will be joining the hit local-production, Gogglebox Australia, when season 3 premieres on Foxtel’s The LifeStyle Channel on Wednesday, April 6, at 7.30pm, and on TEN on Thursday, April 7, at 8.30pm.

The three generations of women in the The Silbery Family, bring a wealth of life-experiences, personality and opinion every time they sit down to watch the telly together. Great Grandma, Emily “Emmie”, models herself on Judi Dench but is young-at-heart and likes to keep the other ladies of the house on their toes. Mum, Kerry, has a straight-talking no-nonsense attitude to life and is thriving as a middle aged single. Daughter, Isabelle, is a stay-at-home mum who loves politics and current affair but there’s no denying that reality TV is her guilty pleasure. These three women are close and relish each other’s company, but it won’t stop them from playfully pushing each other’s buttons, more often than not.

Housemates, Zina & Vivian, are old high school acquaintances who have lived together for almost 3 years. With hectic professional and social lives, these self-proclaimed “reality TV addicts” enjoy nothing more than relaxing in front of the TV together at the end of the day. They have love-hate relationship with shows like The Real Housewives of Melbourne and The Bachelor Australia and love putting their own “judges” hats on for shows like MasterChef Australia, My Kitchen Rules and The Voice. With big personalities and strong opinions, these two are sure to spark some interesting conversations.

Returning to Gogglebox this season will be; vivacious friends and housemates, Angie & Yvie: best mates and larrikins with a thirst for life, Adam & Symon: bubbly Greek best friends, Anastasia & Faye: newly-engaged cocktail-loving, Wayne & Tom: the sports-crazy Jackson Family: the fun-loving and cricket-mad, Delpechitra Family: the Indigenous art dealers, Mick & Di: the close-knit, Dalton Family and the happily married for over 30-years couple, Lee & Keith. The Kidd Family has decided to watch less TV this year, and will not be returning to Gogglebox from their lounge room.

Gogglebox Australia is an Endemol Shine Australia production for Foxtel and Network Ten.


Finally we have some new cast members. I like most of the previous families but it’s good to have some new ones too. I don’t think we are at much of a loss with the Kidd family leaving.


I liked the hippies. Can’t believe they kept the Delpechitra family.


I agree with Sifon, I can’t believe that they kept the Delpechitra family. They might be the nicest people in the world but they never really made for great TV (in Season 2, they were still rather average while the other families either improved or were as great as ever IMO) and that’s what we really want from Gogglebox.

The Kidd family made for alright TV, but I don’t think that they will be an incredibly major loss to Gogglebox. Once we get used to the new groups (who judging by the press release info, seem like they have the potential to make for fantastic TV!) by about week three or four, the departure of the Kidd family will likely become nothing more than a distant memory.

Next question on the agenda: Do we think that Ten will be allowed to show it’s airing of Gogglebox in native HD on LCN-13? I sure hope so, although I’m definitely not holding my breath.

I can’t confirm but I’m pretty sure that Lifestyle did air the previous two seasons of Gogglebox in HD. Of course, not all of the content reviewed on the show will be in native HD anyway, but the launches of channels such as Nine HD, Ten HD and even Sky News Live HD that happened over the break should give the producers/editors a bit more variety in that regard! :slightly_smiling:


The Lifestyle version was in HD but it was pretty much wasted at the time . I don’t think any program material was HD. SBS News for example that was shown could have been but wasn’t. Even the Foxtel sourced material didn’t look HD.


In the promo seen tonight a few of the programs being watched can be seen including Australia’s Got Talent and First Dates. The new households are also seen.


From news.com.au

How Gogglebox Australia found their new recruits

“There was a team of producers out there looking for people. It would be all kinds of interesting quirky things that would catch their eye and they’d think, ‘Those guys are interesting and then they’d go and have a chat to them. From there they go through a bit of an audition process. That’s how we found just about everyone in the show.”


What was so quirky and interesting about the Delpechitas?


Ha! Ha! Good to know they observed my family as quirky and interesting. Although we are nothing like the families that were eventually cast.

Looking forward to the new season.