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I hadn’t been a big fan of the new Asian brother & sister. But tonight during the Bad Mothers death scene, seeing their excitement at the Boston terrier in the background had me in stitches, highlight of the episode.

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Why do they have to review MAFS on this show every bloody week?


Because it’s currently the biggest show on Australian broadcast TV by far?

I agree though, having a review of MAFS every week is a bit too excessive.


But the reactions are so good!

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Foxtel and The Courier Mail today announced that casting is open for two new households to join the hit local-production Gogglebox Australia – and for the first time those households will be from Brisbane.

Currently streaming its ninth season on Foxtel and broadcast Wednesdays at 7.30pm on the Lifestyle Channel, Gogglebox Australia features a diverse range of personalities from differing backgrounds and ages whose television commentary has made them into “TV experts”.

The current Gogglebox cast is a 60/40 split of Melbournites and Sydneysiders, so the addition of households from the Sunshine State will be an exciting change for the 10th season.

Produced by Endemol Shine Australia, executive producer, David McDonald said, “We’re very excited to find Queensland personalities to put in the mix. When Gogglebox first started we were restricted in what we could accommodate with the fast turnaround of the show. Now in our fifth year of production, it’s time to expand, so it was decided (very wisely) to go north and capture the unique voice of the Queensland territory.”

The Brisbane households will join brother and sister Tim and Leanne ; bubbly Greek best friends Anastasia and Faye ; happily married couple Lee and Keith ; the adorable and sports-crazy Jackson Family ; the fun-loving and cricket-mad Delpechitra Family ; best mates Adam and Symon ; dealers in Indigenous Art Mick and Di ; the close-knit Dalton Family ; married couple Matty and Sarah Marie and their friend Jad ; and the three generations of women in the Silbery Family .

Gogglebox Australia is an Endemol Shine Australia production for Foxtel and Network 10.


Good to hear that Gogglebox is venturing into a new market, I think this will really help keep the program fresh.

I do wonder though if the producers are strictly looking within the Brisbane area or will be going around the South East on the hunt for potential Queensland Goggleboxers…

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Gogglebox EP David McDonald told The Courier-Mail that casters would take to the Brisbane streets from this week looking for candidates, so I say the new people will be from Brisbane area only.


I think that answers the question.


Foxtel and 10 both presented a Lifeline slide at the close of this week’s episode that ended with Goggleboxers watching Leaving Neverland.


It was disappointing that this week’s episode did not cover Sonya’s death on Neighbours last week.


Not many people care about Neighbours anymore in this country,

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The reality is the majority of the country wouldn’t have a clue who Sonya is and nor do they care.


It has emerged that Gogglebox producers are casting not only in Brisbane, but also Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.


Good that they’re looking for new participants on the Gold Coast as well as Brisbane in the hunt for Queensland-based Goggleboxers.

But overall, I wonder if we should be in for major casting changes next season (which I probably wouldn’t be entirely against, TBH) if the producers are looking for new households in multiple markets.


No Lifeline slide on the Tenplay episode.


Producers need to mix things up a bit. MAFS has been featured basically every episode this season. MKR, Dancing With Athe Stars and Travel Guides have also appeared regularly.

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Realistically I suspect very few people outside of media enthusiast circles will agree with me, but I reckon Gogglebox should give airtime to reviewing some of the more interesting/entertaining elements of our local TV news bulletins in Sydney, Melbourne and (from next season if families from this market join the show) South East Queensland.

Even if it’s just a short thing between segments of something, what do “regular” TV viewers think of those cringeworthy or great bits of banter between the news/sports presenters? Do they laugh at fluff/puff pieces from the Mike Daltons & Alan Raskalls of this world? I honestly wouldn’t have a clue and that’s a great shame.


I agree with this. The show is becoming same, same. Those titles and that years old doco on dopplegangers weren’t really worthy of review this week. There’s plenty of under appreciated content on SBS that doesn’t get a run. I usually watch the show as it airs Wednesday live on Foxtel but I’m considering watching on delay because I’m not interested in MAFS and I’m tired of seeing it covered every week on the show.

I enjoy the UK version because they manage to cram in plenty of variety. They regularly manage to cover reaction to one of the big news stories of the week. This is happening less often in the Australian version. I particularly enjoy the reactions to some of the premium ITV and BBC dramas and regularly add them to my watch list based on reactions. Some of the drama programming I’ve enjoyed most over the past few years has been discovered via Gogglebox UK.

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This guy gets it. For the first couple of years I’d be dissapointed if somehow I couldn’t catch episodes of Gogglebox Australia, but this season I’ve skipped about three or four and felt like I haven’t missed much.

There’s still been some great moments, Tim & Leanne are decent new contributors, but the repetitiveness of some titles (MAFS every week? Why…) is becoming rather long in the tooth. Whether that’s because there’s been changes behind the scenes or something else, I’m not sure but if things don’t improve next season, I probably won’t bother to make the effort of tuning in regularly in 2020.


Good news. No MAFS, no MKR, no DWTS, no Travel Guides this week. Hallelujah!

Much improved episode this week.