Gogglebox Australia


lol of course they only watch the shows they’re told to by the production crew when they’re being filmed. They’re free to watch whatever they want when they’re not!


Isn’t it obvious that they’re all made to watch the same show every week so they can get the different reactions? That’s why sometimes they say that they are bored, annoyed or frustrated by a show. If they weren’t being paid to watch it, then they’d just change channels or switch the telly off.


I thought they were only reimbursed for electricity & possibly Foxtel (I remember all Gogglebox households of the time getting iQ3 boxes the week they came out in 2015, so have to imagine they help out somehow) - something among those lines.


Newsflash, signing any contract of employment involves restrictions regarding what you can and can’t do. Essentially, you are owned.

As for payment, in interviews after the first season, Anastasia stated they weren’t paid much to appear.


I was more saying that why do they not watch certain shows or why is there usually a negative slant to rival channels shows? I can already tell the new young couple are going to be the woke ones.


Tune in tonight for the one of the most negative reactions to a show ever seen


Let me guess: That’s either the reaction to households learning that they won’t be able to watch “Celebrities in the Jungle” with Angie & Yvie this year…or to the new look of Prime7/GWN7 Local News?

Sorry, couldn’t resist! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They could be watching the Today show :slight_smile:


It’s the three hour version of Indian Pacific on SBS.
I don’t understand why some Goggleboxers didn’t like it. Did they not understand the slow TV concept? At least Tim and Leanne loved it.
Also, this show aired a month ago and doesn’t fit the criteria of what people watched in the last seven days.


I guess some people just have a slow TV that’s only just caught up.


I’ve watched something in the last seven days that had been on my DVR since August 2017.#slowtv


Thoughts on Tim & Leanne? I personally think they have potential and judging by this week’s episode, we’ll probably end up seeing their personalities as being a bit more “down to earth” compared to the sassiness of Angie & Yvie.

Now that Gogglebox has done a “Slow TV” event once, at least they (most likely, judging by the reactions) won’t have to review any ever again! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Didn’t it take a month for SBS to finish airing the show :stuck_out_tongue:


This is not surprising considering what happened in the UK.
In the UK version of this show they had a family called the Moffatts. They were removed when Scarlett (the daughter) was announced to be appearing in the UK version of I’m A Celebrity.
The only time she was featured on Gogglebox whilst she was on I’m A Celebrity was when she won.



Foxtel must have had a change of heart. I’m A Celebrity was the first show featured and Yvie & Angie featured prominently.


Pretty sure that was discussed in the Celeb thread recently based on this.


Great episode this week. Glad they included lots of comments about both girls; I think they had to relent after fans of the show were so disappointed there was no coverage in the first episodes of the season.

Later, the mocking of similarity between the casting on Travel Guides and Gogglebox was a highlight this week.


from memory what i read ten had an input into it plus google box uk had where one of there ex googleboxers was on tv and they had shown it on google box uk so i think they were kinda forced 2


I was almost more interested to know where they got a watermark-less copy of “Travel Guides” from. :stuck_out_tongue: