Gogglebox Australia


Yeah they reviewed a magic show a couple of weeks back called Magic for Humans . It’s on Netflix.


But then they did show them Sacha Baron Cohen’s new show ‘Who is America’? which streams on Stan.


Actually yes I forgot they did a couple of streaming shows. I guess the problem with shows on Netflix / Stan is that they are usually released at once as a season or people binge them at different times, so it makes it harder to review those shows as people that watch them might be up to different parts.


And risk spoiling a show for viewers who don’t binge watch a whole series straight away.


Celebrity status


It was mentioned in the latest episode of Gogglebox that Izzy was considering running as a candidate in local council elections. The Michael family in the UK version of the show was dropped when the father stood for election as a UKIP candidate in the general election. I wonder if the Silbery family will have to leave if Izzy decides to run?


In the same episode, Sarah Marie was really moved by the stories from Syria mentioned in Go Back to Where You Came From last week she was in tears.


Who says they don’t accept casting applications for Gogglebox?

Now’s your chance - https://go.mycastingnet.com/Apply/Show/TPV


Only Sydney and Melbourne for some reason.


It’s weird cause Gogglebox UK is all over the country.

So are the families on now all from Sydney and Melbourne? Maybe its production costs? Like I imagine they set up a camera in the living room once a week and come and pick the footage up to edit it as they go at the studio?


If the international versions of the show are to go by, for each household they have a small crew in another room operating the cameras remotely, mixing the sound levels live and timecoding footage. Plus when everything goes back to the production unit (EndemolShine) they have at least four edit suites going throwing the episode together.

They watch off-air versions of programs but they are often recorded (not live).

There are two small ‘hothead’ cameras (one for the wide, another for closeups/cutaways) and TV lights right behind the TV.

It’s a fairly large and disruptive process, which is why I suspect they are only willing to make 20 episodes a year.


Yep, it is the same. One of the Goggleboxers mentioned it in an interview after season one IIRC.


Yeah which I’m guessing is why for most of the households they probably only do a couple of sittings for watching shows a week with a couple of outfit changes. Shows that are on Ten and Foxtel they can possibly get access to the recordings in advanced of when they air on TV if needs be.


I’m not following the reasoning. The argument seems to be that production methods are similar to how the show is made overseas and that’s why Australia only makes 10 episodes per season. Yet in the UK it is currently running at 15 episodes per season.


Yeah, but Gogglebox UK most likely has a larger audience/support base than the Australian version.


The argument related to the inconvenience to Goggleboxers of having more episodes; nothing to do with market size.


Actually Gogglebox Australia has a bigger support base. Gogglebox UK rates around 3m per episode and with the UK population being 66 million, that is 4.5% of the viewing audience. Meanwhile Gogglebox Australia rates around 700k out of a metro audience of 15 million which equates to 4.7 % of the viewing audience.


Don’t forget the Foxtel audience.


Great interview with narrator Jo Van Es.


She is also the voice in my elevator in my building where I live. I get to hear her everyday.