Gogglebox Australia


Such a shame to see them leave. They have been great. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ange and Yvie leave too. They seem to have lost interest and have taken to playing up to the cameras. Especially Angie.


Really? Never noticed …


I haven’t either. But I do think they all play it up for the cameras in some way.


If they do introduce new people next year its just gonna be a whole lot of people wanting to get famous and be over the top. They should finish altogether after this series. Leave on a high :+1:


They’ve replaced quite a few before with no problems - the new Middle Eastern group of Matty, Sarah Marie and Jad are my current favourites. No reason this show can’t go on and on.


I enjoy them, too but the dog is the real star of that group. He seems to have a bigger sex drive than Ron Jeremy.


anytime Matty turns away, the dog just humps him, so hilarious.


They have put in new people all the time on Gogglebox UK. It’s not a problem and Ten aren’t about to cancel a show that can get them around 700k after 9 pm.


Many of those replacements haven’t been anywhere near as entertaining as some of the originals. I used to watch the UK show for a heads up on the latest British shows worth watching but the poor, stilted commentary from some of the new families made the show unwatchable.


It’s debatable that a few in the current cast of Gogglebox Australia have an interest in building their media profiles. Either way, the show has managed to survive cast changes before.

What I really think needs to change next season is increasing the variety of programs reviewed - I’m so sick and tired of seeing The Block, The Bachelor (and more likely than not, The Bachelorette for the last few episodes of this season) and Australian Survivor being reviewed most weeks this season! A season of the show held around June/July/Early August wouldn’t be a bad idea for the future either.

As much as I personally think Gogglebox Australia might be past its best, realistically it’s hard to see Foxtel/Lifestyle axing one of their top non-sport programs. Similar deal with Ten/WIN, the other FTA networks would love to get those relatively high ratings post-8.30/9pm on a Thursday night!


I’ll never forget the 9/11 re-enactment telemovie that aired on Nine back in 2006, with first account re-tellings, including the man who survived by hiding under his office desk on one of the impact floors and survived. Incredible.

I too found that segment on Gogglebox really good.

Gogglebox is still such a great show, love it, though if you can’t watch live must DVR (as it’s removed from Ten Play very quickly with Foxtel restrictions). Deb is a favourite, as well as Anastacia and the two young mates.


Yeah they’re up to about 20 households now on UK one


Applicants won’t be taken, my understanding is that Gogglebox producers (worldwide) scout talent themselves through various manners.


Yeah the fact that it is clearly dark outside when they are watching it just feels so fake and not genuine. They just should not watch them if they have to watch it at night. No doubt they were just shown a few clips and asked to make some reactions.

Yeah I find that I don’t even notice Angie and Yvie that much these days. I’m not sure if it’s they are not showing them as much or they are just boring? It’s definitely time for a bit of a shake up. I think it would be good to have 2-3 of the current ones leave and get some new fresh faces in there.

I saw Wayne and Tom and Lee (from Lee and Keith) out again this weekend. 2 weeks ago it was the Melbourne show and Saturday night they were at the Cher concert in Melbourne wandering in right near me.


I would rather see them watch tv than movies .


They only watch movies every now and then and no more than one movie an episode.


The movies are interesting especially if they are classics. I think it’s good to add in at the end of an episode.


I’d rather seem them watch more of what is on streaming services every now and again than a movie.

I mean, for example see their reaction to a show like Insatiable on Netflix or Heathers on Stan etc. Perhaps even they could have shown people’s reaction to Twin Peaks reboot if they had shown streaming content to them last year?

Showing Survivor and The Bachelor to them seems more of a promotion for the shows on Ten , than getting their reactions ?


I’m not sure but there could possibly be issues with them showing clips from Netflix on FTA, given it is a service you pay for. Obviously Foxtel content is fine as Ten/Foxtel are jointly behind this show.

They equally show the realities on the other networks. It feels like almost every week since Take Me Out launched on Seven it gets a spot and The Block has featured at least a couple of times this season


With Gogglebox supposed to be reviewing topical programs/events on TV, I don’t think it would’ve been appropriate for the program to completely overlook the AFL/NRL Grand Finals which each had over three million Australians (plus many more unaccounted for who were watching at pubs, clubs, etc.) glued to their screens during the final weekend of September. Mind you I agree that it doesn’t look genuine having the families review a football game which is played during the day at night, but it’s likely that most of the shows reviewed are of recordings rather than live broadcasts.

But if the producers of Gogglebox really cared about being genuine to incredibly picky viewers like us on Media Spy, they’d probably be providing the Sydney-based groups with footage from Sydney TV news bulletins and the Melbourne-based groups with footage from Melbourne TV news bulletins whenever they have to cover major news stories. Instead (particularly in recent seasons, it was a bit different earlier on) they’ve largely tiptoed around that by using footage from nationally screened news programs like The Project and SBS World News.

Gogglebox reviewed an episode of “Who is America?” earlier this season, but is reviewing a Stan show different because that streaming service is (from memory) a Nine/Fairfax joint venture?

If it’s at all possible, I think it’d be great to see the occasional Netflix program reviewed on Gogglebox in the future. To this day, I still wonder how the rather dark themes of “13 Reasons Why” might’ve gone down with the households when that was all the rage on social media last year.