Gogglebox Australia


Are the elevator announcements peppered with sexual innuendo every time you “go down”?


Interesting developments for any Gogglebox watchers last week following Nana Silberys comments about Jim who appeared on Insight that they reviewed.


They showed Queer Eye on this week’s Gogglebox. It would be good if they included shows from streaming services like Netflix more often.


Bizarrely the episode they showed was the Australian web-extra released for free several months ago. Would have made more sense to show one of the longer main series shows or wait till a new season comes out. But then again, Netflix is on demand.


No it doesn’t. The reason they showed this episode was because they came to Australia for it. It’s the Aussie connection which made it more interesting than usual.


Ten’s new shows Blind Date and Ambulance Australia both started last week. So how did Ambulance manage to make it to last week’s episode of Gogglebox, but Blind Date’s premiere was not reviewed until this week’s episode?


There were probably too many shows to review last week so something had to be put off to this week and that was Blind Date. It’s happened before.


it was ambulance UK


Wasn’t this week’s episode the last for Wayne & Tom? Or are they sticking around for the season finale and ending their association with the show after that?

Either way, I didn’t really see any sign during the show that this week’s episode was the pair’s last.


Obviously they will still be on it for the remainder of this season. They are not returning next season.


Last weeks was the Australian one. i remember the story being in the media when it actually happened.



The older couple (forgot their names) not in the photo.


This reunion was for the Melbourne-based participants.

Mick & Di live in Sydney.


Angie and Yvie have decided that they’ll join Wayne and Tom in departing the show.


Whoever replaces both couples have big shoes to fill! Whilst a little sad, it’s always great to get new people on board with fresh perspectives.

In other news, Faye lost her partner earlier this week to cancer.


The announcement of Angie & Yvie departing the program doesn’t overly surprise me, it seemed like they were starting to get bored with the show at times during the most recent season.

If anything, bringing in new people to replace the departing cast could even rejuvenate the show.

The ratings may disagree but personally I feel like Gogglebox has been becoming really long in the tooth in recent seasons and not quite the “appointment viewing” it once was. Mind you, the inconsistent start times with Ten’s airings don’t really help.

Oh, that’s sad.


So Anastacia might be doing it with her mum again?

I tell you who needs to replace Angie and Yvie. Celeste Barber and her husband. I was gonna say Celeste and Yvie cause they’re real life friends but was it a combined decision by them both to leave as Angie lives in UK now?


That’s Anastasia. I’d say Faye would do it when the show is back in a couple of months.

It might even get delayed next year until they find new Goggleboxers.


Even without casting changes, Easter (and therefore, the non-ratings period) is going to be relatively late next year, isn’t it? So taking that into consideration as well as the fact that Gogglebox likes taking 4-6 month breaks and I reckon we may see the next season on our screens possibly as late as May.

Realistically it won’t ever happen (for a start, you wouldn’t be able to use 90% of the content generated by such a group :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), but for a unique perspective on Australian TV I’d love to see a group from the Media Spy/TV Tonight/social media commentary world on the program one day.