Gogglebox Australia


Why can’t we just have all the members of MS on Gogglebox instead? It’ll make for some TV ratings gold :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


MS members on Gogglebox.

“Looks like Seven changed the font on the Sunrise clock!”


Nice try, but wouldn’t this be more appropriate?

Mediaspy on Gogglebox: When Ten wins and night in ratings.


What day would Googlebox be filmed if it airs on Foxtel on Wednesday and Ten on Thursday is it filmed on Tuesday?


Wouldn’t it be filmed on multiple days because they have a lot of shows to watch?


There were (at least) 4 changes of clothes in last week’s episode.


I don’t reckon they have to watch the full shows. Wouldn’t be surprised if they only get highlights of certain shows.


I was at the Melbourne show on the weekend and saw both Lee and Keigh and the gay couple in the showbag hall of all places. Both couples were walking around separately looking at/buying showbags. I overheard a fan go up to one of the guys and he was saying to them that they were at the show with Leigh and Keith because it was one of their birthday’s. He also said that they try and separate a bit so they aren’t seen together too often in public. However as I left the showbag hall Leigh and Keith and one of the guys were standing together out the front obviously waiting for the other to come out.


gay people have names too…Wayne & Tom


Woopdidoo I couldn’t think of their names. I am also a gay male so no need to be a big deal about it.


What shows will be reviewed on Gogglebox next week?

Could Goggleboxers watch HYBPA asking a question about Gogglebox?

The mind boggles as to what could be on HYBPA the week after :slight_smile:


It annoys me slightly that Gogglebox replays the Grand Final for the goggleboxers. They know the outcome so it feels their responses are planned.


I’ve said it before, the Goggleboxers should be watching both AFL and NRL grand finals live not on delay, even if it means means sitting hours in front of the TV.
The captionist got the name of the national anthem singer wrong for the NRL Grand Final. It was Samantha Jade not Dami Im.


Well Simon was at the match… So he clearly lacked interest when watching it again.


I noticed that NRL Grand Final was exclusively Live on Nine and replayed on Fox League at a later time but for AFL Grand Final did they have the replay on Seven/Fox for Goggleboxers? (as I didn’t see it after coming home from a restaurant)


Except for a brief snippet of a lead-up report from SBS World News, the Grand Final footage appeared to be taken directly from the HD channels of Seven and Nine respectively.


I am unable to play Googlebox on the Tenplay app on my Telstra TV 1, it just shows a loading circle .


I just discovered Gogglebox NZ started recently. They’ve got all your ethnicities covered and some families are similar to ours like Lee/Keith, Angie/Yvette and the Indian family. I wonder if Ten would air it, maybe even on 11? Otherwise Lifestyle could pick it up.


Do the producers accept applications for replacement goggleboxers?


According to my calculations, there’s four episodes left in the current series of Gogglebox Australia.

I reckon the show will just continue with the remaining families/groups for the final episode of this season (mentioning Wayne & Tom’s departure at the start and moving on), but may bring in some new Goggleboxers for 2019.

That’s a very good question.

One would imagine living in either Sydney or Melbourne and not being too similar to an existing family/group on the show would be among the main features the producers would be looking for.