Gogglebox Australia


Not this week.


I think there is a small mix up in this week’s episode. The Goggleboxers reviewed a new episode of Great Indian Railway Journeys but the producers put up the opening title of Great Continental Railway Journeys.


Anyone else think it’s time to introduce a whole new cast? The current cast are great people but it seems now that most reactions are artificial and performed mostly due to families being use to having cameras now. It’s almost like they are ‘performing’.


I wouldn’t mind getting some rotation of the cast. While I still do enjoy the show, there are some who have become a bit stale for me

The ones that I consider stale (and would replace, if I was a producer) are Anastasia & Faye, the Delpechitra’s, The Jackson’s, Wayne & Tom and Mick & Di.

I think I enjoy what everyone else brings to the show.


Boo! Wreck the show, why don’t you.


Adam and Symon have always been my favourite Goggleboxers but they seem to have lost a bit of their spark this season and we don’t seem to be seeing them as much.


You’re pretty much spot on

Though I do love the current cast, it would be good too see some genuine reactions from new people instead of predictable and sometimes cringe ‘performed material’ by long serving members


So you want them to drop almost the whole cast? Yeah that ain’t happening. The original UK version has only ever introduced 2-3 new pairs in a season while keeping almost all the old pairs.


If you ask me, this week’s highlights of the show were Gogglebox reviewing Neighbours’ same-sex wedding episode (missed opportunity not running a promo during the ad break after though) and for the quips about Product Placement from The Block…although that’s somewhat ironic from a program which has previously featured product placement for KFC and Bulla dairy products! :wink:

Matt Dalton saying that Glenn Robbins originally did Russell Coight in the 1990s (even though if I’m not mistaken, if first appeared on our screens in the Early 2000s) wasn’t that far off from the commentary standards we’ve come to expect from Holly! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There have been a few changes to the cast throughout the life of the series, with the Kidd family + Zina & Vivian having come and gone while The Silberys + Matty, Sarah Marie & Jad have joined the show in more recent seasons.

Although I probably wouldn’t go as far as saying that an entirely new cast is needed, I do hope next year will see a few fresh faces.

Personally I think Nine News Sydney’s 2012 NSW Budget Family has been a mostly decent contribution to the show, even if we no longer see their oldest son Corey because he moved out early last year (from memory).

Of the existing cast members, I’d probably guess either them or Angie & Yvie (with Angie apparently expressing interest to be picked as a Bachelorette in a recent News Corp article, presumably she’d have to leave Gogglebox to do that) would be most likely to bail out after four years/eight seasons.


The Gardening Australia episode was literally the best episode of GB ever, I wouldn’t go changing the cast now. Saying that, I wouldn’t be sad if the Delpechitra’s left.


I reckon next year they will change it up. There’s a few of the families like we’ve said who gets no airtime so will probably be cut such as the Delpechitra’s, the Jackson’s (Grant’s family) and Bob and Di. The older gay couple seem to have disappeared with no word. I wouldn’t mind a family that doesn’t like PC too.

Also the UK version has a celeb one every year that would be cool and maybe an adults only one so they can swear as much as they like?


Don’t mess with a great formula.


Can’t imagine Mick will be too impressed if Di runs off with Bob.

Mick and Di are one of the most popular Goggleboxers. Little chance of them getting the chop. The Delepatrica family are the weakest link IMO.


That’s the sort of “informed” critique we have to put up with. :wink:


This has been jokingly suggested before and will realistically never happen because it’d be too obscure (and possibly full of in-jokes) for a mainstream TV audience to cope with, but I’d genuinely love to see a group of Goggleboxers who are as passionate about TV as those posting here on Media Spy, TV Tonight or any other Australian-based websites discussing the medium.

I suspect one of the reasons Mick & Di are popular (and IMO, will probably be on the show for as long as they want to) is because their opinions often contrast with those of most other Gogglebox households.

The Russell Coight segment in this week’s episode was one good example of this: With most of the families laughing at the slapstick humour, cut to Mick & Di who were going all “I honestly don’t know how anyone can find this show funny?!” with their commentary. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Coming soon to the porn channel - various men and women jacking off to images of Hitch, Overton and reading posts of who’s presenting the early nees :sunglasses:


Caught up with GB on Ten Play. I remembered up until this year you couldn’t, you could only view highlight clips. And TenPlay expire it tomorrow (so each week full episode only available a few days). Obviously a Foxtel digital rights / restriction thing?

But with what Cynic showed in the VPM figures, amazing considering that expiry time length!


They’d had full episodes on Ten Play before because I watched it a few times but you had to be quick. They’d be gone almost 24-48 hours after airtime.


Great range of reactions to Survivor.


Considering they have covered Survivor several times before, that segment turned out to be rather enjoyable and reflected my reactions when I watched the episode the other night.

I’ve been avoiding those 9/11 docos in recent years but had a look at the one shown to the Goggleboxers in that episode. Those first hand accounts were difficult to watch and stirred up the feelings I experienced while watching the live coverage on the night of the event. I was frozen in terror as those events unfolded and can’t imagine what it would’ve been like for the people going through that first hand.