Gogglebox Australia


I didn’t mind the selection of shows on this season’s opener. Some old favourites to set the tone and see what the cast thought of the new series; add in some shows not seen before including possibly the first ever streaming service program reviewed plus news and current events made this one of the best and most balanced episodes so far. Reactions to a couple of the shows were hilarious.

show closed with

PS: Intrigued to know how the streaming product was made available to the Goggleboxers.


But it’s boring if they just keep doing Australian Survivor, The Block & The Bachelor, all the time.


It had 194k watching last night on Foxtel, the highest ratings in a year. So I doubt people mind the shows they are watching, audiences are tuning in for the people not the shows anyway. I wouldn’t want them reviewing random shows that hardly anybody in Australia watches, just for the sake of having different shows reviewed.


Random shows that not many people watch have provided some of the best reviews.


Agree; these are the shows that are the most popular in Australia at the moment. Viewers want to see the reactions to the shows that they themselves are watching. There is nothing boring about this week’s show.



I agree, the segment reviewing Dance Boss and Who is America were probably the strongest in this segments week’s episode IMO.

Didn’t really care much for the segments reviewing The Block, Survivor & The Bachelor. Review those shows once and you’ve pretty much got a basic idea of what the entire series is like.


The Bachelor segment was brilliant especially the carefully timed cut to the humping dog.


First look at Ten’s new logo; accidentally leaked during Gogglebox tonight or does it mean the return of Big Brother is closer than we think? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


First thing I thought of was Big Brother when I saw it!


I thought it was a brilliant episode. I don’t mind the recapping of popular favourites. One of the best shows on TV.


Agree. It was one of the best episodes of the entire series.
Reviewing the pilot week shows would have been a waste of time a week and a half after some screened.


Has anyone else had issues playing Gogglebox on a Telstra TV 1 on the Tenplay TTV app? The episode is there and I try to play it just shows a loading circle and nothing happens. Have to watch on a laptop.

Also what was with the constant sexual references in that episode? I don’t recall other episodes like that. Is it to make people watch?

Is streaming now included on Gogglebox? Stan got some free exposure.


Sexual references are nothing new. Every second thing that comes out of the Delpechitra father’s mouth is sexualised.


What a fecund episode of Gogglebox tonight :sweat_smile:

Who would have thought Gardening Australia could be so funny. :eggplant:


Brilliant episode featuring a lot of under the radar shows. Didn’t realise gardening was so entertaining.


Agree, loved tonight’s episode… so many laughs.


Before this week’s episode, I probably wouldn’t have imagined that a gardening program would generate so much innuendo by the Goggleboxers! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Somewhat sad that none of the households knew who Mark Humphries was - possibly shows how often they watch ABC or SBS? I rarely watch The Feed and possibly never watched The Roast, but even I knew Mark was previously on those shows!

There was an audible groan when the segment reviewing The Bachelor came on. Yes I get that it and maybe Survivor is just about all Channel Ten has going for it at the moment which isn’t breaking the fourth wall, but are we going to see a review of this (and The Bachelorette when it comes on) every week? Because it’d be nice to have a break from the lead-in program during the hour! :roll_eyes:


The Gardening Australia segment had me in tears. Still the best show on television.


Did they watch any streaming tv shows?