Gogglebox Australia


Although I am not sure if it will come back for a third season, ratings were quite down this season.


Mystery on Gogglebox tonight with programming with ONE logo shown in HD.


Some markets may still air ONE in HD… any of Griffith, Mildura, Broken Hill/Spencer Gulf, Ten Central, Ten Darwin perhaps.


By comparison, programs reviewed from Seven and SBS were in SD.


Happy World Television Day


End of tonight’s show “Gogglebox will be back early next year”.


Apparently tonight was episode 50. And they said it wouldn’t last.


I wish this season had been extended by two more episodes, so we could see Goggleboxers’ reactions to the finales of Instant Hotel and Family Food Fight.


Ten reports that the “2017 series” average rating was 17% more than the “2016 series” and was number one in timeslot in total people and the demos.

:thinking: Have to assume that means series 5 + 6 compared to 3 + 4.


In those peoples defense it did start at around 350k. I always thought this show had potential to succeed. I still think they should do a kids version. Just needs to be a short 6 episode stint.


So if Adam moves out with his girlfriend like he said does that mean no more Adam and Symon or will he still just come around to watch TV?

The Indian father was being filthy again this week.

I would say the show will be back in March next year to cover the new shows.


They don’t live together.


It’s probably been mentioned before, but surely I’m not the only one who thinks the most underrated part of this show is the absolutely brilliant voiceovers from Jo Van Es? Her segue from the “Yes” vote news into the Soccer World Cup results was a classic.

Anyway, last night’s finale was great from what I saw. A pity they won’t get to review “Christmas with The Australian Women’s Weekly” on Channel Nine tomorrow night though - I still remember the Gogglebox review of the 2015 AWW Easter special during Season 1 and can’t look at these shows the same way again! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Adam & Symon will probably still be on the show next year. I think Angie and/or Yvie moved to London at the end of last year but they were still on Gogglebox this year.

Knowing how there seems to be six month (or thereabouts) gaps between Gogglebox seasons and talking into consideration the Easter non-ratings period + the Commonwealth Games, I reckon the next season of Gogglebox will probably be back in the 2nd half of April next year.


What? So they’re watching Australian TV from London?

I was thinking April but surely with a ratings success they would want to get it back on air asap. esp now Common Sense is not a filler. I mean they play HYBPA all year round.


I did a check - apparently it was Angie who moved to the UK but they still filmed/reviewed TV from Sydney for this year of course. In the first episode of the most recent series there was a mention of Angie having just returned from London.



The “early” was emphasised so it will probably be the same as this year in February.


I think they are Srilankan actually.


Angie returned from the UK to film the season. She no longer lives with Yvie.
Adam, Jad and Faye all just ‘visit’ their firiends.None of them actually live in the houses.
Isabelle originally didn’t live with her mother but moved in this year after she separated from her husband.


Lee & Keith posted a live video on their Facebook page the other day where Keith said that the show’s back January 2018…


So that would mean they are getting advanced copies of episodes and their segments would be restricted as some shows wouldn’t send those out like Bachelorette finale… etc? Or does Angie come over for the 6 -8 weeks of the season? confusing.

Also in the UK version they just drop in randoms all the time and don’t explain where they come from and one time one of the gay guys mother joined him to take over from the other gay guy. They could do that here with different family members and friends I reckon or they might worry about the failure of Common Sense.