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I Hope Russell Coight is on there

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Now half price! :slight_smile:

I’d buy one but I don’t have a working VCR. I’m surprised they haven’t all been snapped up.


This is going to premiere in a week, it’s about Channel Ten’s glory days in the 2000s-2010s.


It’s always interesting to see how news promos make their way around the world:

(There’s another version of the ATV10 promo that’s even more similar to the other two, but I can no longer find it.)


I don’t know why I’m so disappointed to see such unoriginality and have childhood illusions shattered. I shouldn’t be surprised that even local news promos were recycled considering strangely familiar network branding and season launch promos kept popping up on Entertainment This Week on Ten in the mid 1980s.

Brisbane version from 1983


Before the advent of YouTube there were people who believed “Still The One” “Be There” and “Come On Along” amongst others were unique to Australian networks!

In fact when it came to branding and imaging there was very little Australian design on 80s commercial TV. To the point where one of 7’s Christmas IDs featured an animated Christmas present with a ribbon in the shape of the NBC peacock.

In the 70s things were a little better, I believe there was some Australian creative; “Get the channel 9 feeling” “Colour Machine” etc


I loved the 0 logo, memories of my childhood…


ATV0’s ‘Darling, I Like it’ Promo from 1977. Also used by TVQ0.
Uploader dontv3192.

Or this Channel 7 one in hot pants?

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Ah yes “Mannamana”

And then there’s Seven’s Summer Fever

This clip is from Brisbane, but there was a Sydney version too.

It was part of a Seven resurgence led by Bruce Gyngell


It was well known even in the 80s that Still The One was adapted from the US, I think TV Week did an article about it at one point, but certainly most of us were oblivious to so much other Australian branding being taken from American sources.

Gyngell had already come and gone from 7 by the mid to late 70s. The “7 Revolution” that he led was back in 1969-70. He’d been appointed head of the Australian Broadcasting Tribunal when it began in 1977.


I stand corrected :grinning: thank you @TelevisionAU
I was confusing summer fever with the 7 revolution
Still the video had some good sorts in it… something for everyone…

ATV0’s Good Vibrations station ID. I guess this was shown during the summer of 75/76? Correct me if i’m wrong.

7’s Good Vibtations from the late 80s/early 90s was much better :slight_smile:

7 Good Vibrations

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Can’t believe this happened 25 years ago this week. That day, January 9, was a landmark moment in my life for a few reasons. This event added to the significance. An exciting day turned into a terrifying day.


There’s an upcoming doco on ABC 3 February

SCA-produced promo for advertising on One HD. Randomly came across this while doing a YT search.

I’m sorry it this was off topic, but anyone know the chick at the start and the end of this promo?:

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