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I stand corrected :grinning: thank you @TelevisionAU
I was confusing summer fever with the 7 revolution
Still the video had some good sorts in it… something for everyone…

ATV0’s Good Vibrations station ID. I guess this was shown during the summer of 75/76? Correct me if i’m wrong.

7’s Good Vibtations from the late 80s/early 90s was much better :slight_smile:

7 Good Vibrations

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Can’t believe this happened 25 years ago this week. That day, January 9, was a landmark moment in my life for a few reasons. This event added to the significance. An exciting day turned into a terrifying day.


There’s an upcoming doco on ABC 3 February

SCA-produced promo for advertising on One HD. Randomly came across this while doing a YT search.

I’m sorry it this was off topic, but anyone know the chick at the start and the end of this promo?:

Just stumbled on this 2017 segment from 3AW’s Nightline, with guests Annette Allison and Roy Hampson who were hosts of Good Morning Melbourne for ten years from 1979 to 1988 but both had been in TV long before then.

Lots of reminiscing about the old days of Channel 0, as Roy was there from before the channel launched in 1964

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A documentary airing in 2012 celebrating TNT’s 50th anniversary. Capture by @RetroTvVideos

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From a Facebook group, Allan Hawley


No, it’s just not cricket!

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I thought ABC dropped regional news in 1985, #myfriends ???

The reason why “citation needed” is beside that statement is because someone has questioned the accuracy of it. I say the statement is not correct as ABC was producing regional news up until early 1985 before The National commenced.


Well I didn’t know why they are doing reconstruction very well #myfriends - considering this one is in PNG and there are very rare archive about this station #myfriends !!!

There’s also some more AU regional TV logo in PNG - please go to Logopedia #myfriends



There’s a lot of Australian TV logos at Logopedia, not just for regional TV.

That board game is one of my favourite TV show board games ever. Played it as a kid.


This is the Living your kind of Life(BTV/GMV 6) in English and Cantonesse version on the ATV in Hong Kong 1982


they had the same owner from 1970 to 1979-ish so it’s probably to be expected

And that there’s not much you can do with the Number 0 for a logo!

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