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Seven News Brisbane returned from break with brief breaking news of the Wentworth By-Election result.


National Apology by Prime Minister Scott Morrison.



Shocking to see this… seems like these stories are coming more common… chills down the spine remembering back to MH17.


Except that’s really wrong since plane crashes happened much more often in the past than they do now.


This aircraft was operated by a Boeing 737 MAX 8 which was delivered to Lion Air about 2.5 months ago. 189 people onboard perished in the Java Sea. This was the deadliest crash involving a Boeing 737 jet, and the first crash involving a boeing 737 MAX aircraft. The airline has been hit with crashes since the establishment of the airline back in 2000.


CBS 2 LA has gone live on YT with coverage of the latest mass shooting in Ventura.

Also on CBSN


Moving discussion to here: Bourke St, Melbourne Incident


Remembrance Day coverage




SBS slide played at 11am:


Channel 9 Perth even had live Remembrance Day Coverage coming from Kings Park.

Channel 7 Perth had Remembrance Day coming from Canberra.


And that would have been on a three hour delay.

Poor form 7 Perth.


5pm news for Remembrance Day




Breaking News with an arrest in the strawberry contamination case lead story in Brisbane and also reported during Tens’ 5pm news.


George H.W Bush death coverage on the 5pm news


Nine’s Your Money appears to be the only free-to-air channel covering the funeral of former US President George H W Bush.


Out of all channels, I’m surprised this one did.


Why the double watermarking?


To cover the Fox Business watermark I think. Your Money simulcasts Fox Business overnight.


And it’s in the wrong place!

Not a big fan of cover-ups (particularly by Australian regional affiliates :wink:) but at least make it fit!