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1 News NZ broke into regular programming to show Jacinda Ardern officially presenting her baby Neve to media and taking questions.

Three did not break in.


Weekend Today and Weekend Sunrise went Live with her leaving the hospital and answering questions from the media.


Pennant hills shooting



Explosion outside the US Embassy in Beijing.


Beijing police said a 26-year-old man from Inner Mongolia denoted a firework device outside the embassy and injured his hand.


As much as I emphasise with farmers across NSW, I feel that the attention the media is giving to the “drought” situation just proves how NSW/Sydney-Centric Australian media is in 2018 (see below map of rainfall deficiencies YTD).

Climate & Weather

I don’t get your contention: most of the areas with the ‘lowest on record’ percentile are in western New South Wales?


The drought is predominantly affecting NSW, but the media coverage does not really indicate this and treats it as a national story.


The Project tonight said the drought affects 57.4% of Queensland as well, which given the land mass is a huge portion of the state also effected by this.


ABC24 showing live pictures from scene of Italian bridge collapse; though at the moment there isn’t too much to see.


To be fair, I saw that drought promo Nine have been running connected to The Today Show with various network personalities and it never mentioned Sydney or NSW once, but “Australia”.

However, yes, I agree about actual OB coverage which seems to have been based in rural NSW.



ABC News 24 top of the hour with a report on earthquake in WA

Sky News on WIN “coverage” :wink:




ABC News coverage of Wentworth by election:


“Severe thunderstorm warning”


Result graphics:




Coverage of by-election results on Sky “News” on WIN :roll_eyes: