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The funeral occurred during the window when the channel simulcasts Fox Business. The simulcast seems to happen regardless of what FB is showing - remember seeing YM carrying their Thanksgiving filler programming a few weeks ago when the US markets were closed

Think it only happens on the 9Now stream because that solid bug is there to coverup the time


This is potentially very serious.


Right before Christmas! Not good.

ABC NSW 7PM news opened with breaking news into the story.


‘emergency situation’ at Brisbane airport

4BC currently airing country music

ABC 612 running Nightlife



reports I’ve seen said that a man has been shot, they haven’t said if the man died

EDIT: Update from Queensland Police


Also unusual to see a Tweet like this from Queensland Police…almost like an open invitation for anyone to attend.


ABC News channel now covering it. I believe they have two reporters there at the moment.


Excellent coverage on the 11pm ABC News.

Obviously no one knows much yet but they are doing their best to get as much info as possible.


ABC News


Even though reports are that no one was injured, a helicopter has just landed from Princess Alexandra Hospital.

The news topped the 4BC 10pm news.


It was also the top of the National 10pm (AEST) /11pm (AEDT) ABC Radio bulletin also.


Sky News covering this?


Updates on the ticker via the C-Mail but regular programming is mostly in place. No reporer on the scene.


They’ve got a camera at the airport now with reporter Tim Swanston - currently in the midst of a live cross with News24.


Producers on the Latest would be disappointed the bulletin isn’t on air tonight.


ABC News Channel providing excellent coverage on this story. Especially on a Saturday night.


“not terror related” “domestic-violence related”



Busy night for Queensland Police - part of Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast now in lock-down after a suspected bomb threat. One quoted witness says Police told them it was ‘connected to the incident at Brisbane Airport’. Police have since confirmed in a media conference that they investigating that the man involved in the incident at the airport - also had a vehicle parked at that carpark.

ABC News broke into The Breakfast Couch re-run at 11.45pm/12.45am to air the press conference live.


Courier Mail