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ABC Fact Check has done an analysis of a claim by Bob Katter in a recent interview that “every three months a person is torn to pieces by a crocodile in north Queensland”.

The verdict: “Mr Katter is wrong.”


Breaking News:

A man has been charged with the high profile murder of Karen Ristevski in Melbourne (also from Avondale Heights).

Despite her husband Boris being considered the main suspect for some time by many.

The Age reporting it is actually indeed the husband


Add two and two together and you’ll come up with the answer. The identity of the person charged wasn’t mentioned in the police media release but is the same age and lives in the same suburb as the main suspect.


Yep, added a comment to my post, how naive of me tbh.




I wonder what evidence they have to finally be able to charge him.


Do news services still do ‘2017 in review’ et. al. stories?


Seven News ran one last night and tonight.



A couple from Ten News, I couldn’t find a general version so not sure if one went to air over the last few days.

Political Review

Sports Review:


Bushfire impacting homes in outer suburban Melbourne at Carry Downs.

Very hot, dry and windy around Victoria today.


ABC24 covering State of the Union


Surely the files can’t lie because they are ‘In Confidence’.


Fair enough too, it’s a bit of a stretch. Poor reporting by the ABC. They should be more careful.



BREAKING: ASIO has now gone to ABC Melbourne to secure more files in safes, the ABC does still have access to them.


The sixth biggest selloff in US share history underway right now. Former Sky News Business correspondent and current Sky News First Edition host Blonde McAnchor (I don’t remember her name) is excitedly screaming “IT’S JUST GONE DOWN 1300 POINTS, THIS IS VERY MUCH IN MOTION” while Keiran Gilbert, now suffering from earpiece-induced tinnitus, watches on. Amateur hour at Sky.

There’ll be a lot of coverage this morning of our open.


Live coverage of the corner balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London waiting for Julian Assange to appear, with a decision on his application to have his arrest warrant for skipping bail expunged expected to be announced in the next hour.


Former Comanchero bikie gang leader has been shot in the face in a targeted attack outside a gym in Rockdale. He had once been convicted of the Sydney Airport bashing murder of Anthony Zervas, before the charge was sensationally downgraded to manslaughter.