Clearly some people have no life if this offends them.


Interesting. Seeing as Foxtel has said all BBL games will be in 4K, NEP must have enough 4K-capable trucks then to have one in every major city to cover this properly.


Think only the 16 Fox exclusive games will be in 4K seeing Seven will be the ‘host broadcaster’ for the 43 games they’ll show


They have at least four, iirc, according to their website.


It’s enough to just cover it. But it’s not really enough to have multiple sports/events broadcast in 4K


So far Foxtel is only offering one 4K channel. FTA hasn’t announced a 4K service, nor can they really until DVB-T2 becomes standard. Therefore I think four OB trucks will suffice the next 12-18 months. I’m sure NEP will continue to upgrade their fleet as the technology gets cheaper.


i got my 4K self install today only to be told that due to “system issues” they can’t activate any 4K boxes and it could take 24 hours


I had same issue this morning I tried to activate mine just before 9am and since their were issues with activation I had to be passed onto a department which was closed. Did not give me much confidence but she had to send them a email. I checked until 10am still was not up but was up around lunch time when I returned home


got mine activated - somewhat. i can watch tv but i can’t record it


Another botched rollout? Not surprising from Foxtel


i called up about the recording issue. turns out my box is stuffed out of the box… a new one is coming


Quality control these days, for a lot of manufacturers, is rubbish.


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An announcement regarding Foxtel’s new entertainment streaming video on demand service is imminent. Foxtel branding will be dropped in an effort to differentiate the product from the linear subscription television service and the new SVOD offering will more closely resemble the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Stan. Foxtel Now is dead, long live Fox Flicks.


Bringing back Presto? :joy:


At least for 12 months before Foxtel decides to rebrand the service yet again…


Are foxtel going to transfer the foxtel now subscribers to this new service?


I think Foxtel for years has had such a strong position in providing pay for content that IPTV really has them in a struggling position today.

I have a Foxtel satellite service and live in a area that can get 1gbps nbn and still enjoy content I can’t get on the other IPTV services.

The trouble is the price of that service is considerably higher and people can get enough entertainment from the far cheaper IPTV services.

Foxtel seems to be taking things in interesting directions, the 4k TV channel is interesting and rightly so the first high bandwidth 24/7 channel delivered by satellite. However IPTV has been doing this for awhile at probably lower bandwidths.

What annoys me about foxtel is we are using so much satellite bandwidth for 1 channel when there is so many SD channels broadcast still. HD should almost be the default now.

Interested to see where they go from here and this rumour of a new IPTV service.


i do believe maybe in the future in the way of the internet is going esp the nbn that foxtel will eventually give way of the satellite and only be a iptv service with all of there current tv channels but that’s only my two cents


That’s exactly what should have and could have easily happened with the fibre to the premises plan. Offering much higher bandwidth which could grow well into the future as well as the ability to have multiple services to the one box (ie, you can have multiple internet plans across the one fibre) they could have really explored a few options there.