Got my IQ4 yesterday. All setup and running, the UI is so much smoother, like a huge jump from my launch IQ3.

The upscaling is also far better, the IQ4 is upscaling everything to 2160 50p. It’s also like going from a upscaler on the $99 player to the high end Oppo with Darbee range. My TV is no slouch though as it’s a 4K OLED. It also reads HDR modes supported on the TV, mine says HDR10, SDR although HLG is not supported since its a couple years old.

Foxtel 4K channel will be running 4K 50p that is all but confirmed so HDMI 2.0 is needed. If it doesn’t detect, then it will just upscale to 1080p. Not sure if it does downscale though as I get the message “not subscribed” wish they can least run a test slide but guess they testing the channel in house and thats why the not subscribed message comes up instead.


Sounds good :slight_smile:
Are you able to upload some screenshots of how its all looking at all?


don’t really like the fact that foxtel is moving to satellite. kinda screws over people who rent who need a satellite installed.


Most owners wouldn’t care these days.


well you know Old Man could of had a brand spanking new FTTP network to play with but his stupid sons like old school copper (much easier to hack into).

More power to Optus though :slight_smile:


um yes they would especially if they are in MDU where permission is needed.

Would not have been an issue with FTTP but you know the Old Man is just a stupid retard trying to protect his newspapers.


As a renter I know we’ve never had issues, especially when most rentals are owned by investors. But I’ve never been in an apartment, I have in a connected unit where there wasn’t an issue.


Is it just me or has Thoroughbred Central graphics gotten a very massive downgrade :wink:


could be because they are taking an overseas feed?


Definitely a dirty feed from one of their overseas partners. They usually let them through instead of covering over them.


I’d be interested to know whether Foxtel already has the infrastructure in place to support 4K broadcasts or whether this is going to require them to upgrade all their equipment — whether in their control room or their OB equipment.


The Australian reporting that a few people have complained to the Advertising Standards Bureau about the phrase “What the 4K!” in the latest Foxtel advertising campaign. It will have to be pulled if the complaints are upheld.




That the phrase is in bad taste and indecent.


Yeah. People keep pushing the envelope but they still have rules about these things.


do these people ever get laid?



Foxtel get there equipment from NEP. At the moment they have some 4k equipment but not really enough to go full scale.


Check out the banter some users leave on the Classification thread on here and you tell me…


? It is struggling and deserves nothing less then total death and destruction.

Fuck Foxtel, it has been a total POS since inception.