I reckon eventually maybe but the NBN rollout as it is now with poorer FTTN zones some of those services will be still considerably restricted to get the sort of bandwidth available. @ando9185 literally wrote the same thing as I was writing.


Not bad considering I’m on an FTTN service and you’re the lucky one with FTTP!


hahaha very true. FTTN in some areas can get some decent speeds i’ve seen that when you live on top of the Node box but i’ve also seen the other side of the spectrum in Tas where sadly ADSL2 was equal or better than the FTTN VDSL service. The original plan was the only forseeable plan for the future, old copper lines do not have that future.


there’s information on it in September’s mag.


Though there is still a LOT of content that they air that was only ever filmed in SD, upscaling it to HD over the satellite would be pointless really.

Perhaps when the majority of content that they air is available in HD, that may change.


So what will happen to Foxtel Now. I have that with a foxtel puck device. Will I just be disconnected? Now isn’t bad as you can watch the live stream of channels and have access to all the on demand and catch up stuff.


I too have a Foxtel Now puck but I rarely use it. The picture quality through it is crap, the remote is sluggish, and you can’t properly rewind or fast forward. I’m thinking of taking it back to JB HiFi. I’ve gone back to using Foxtel Now on my mobile phone and Chromecast.


So are Foxtel going to have two services called fox flicks or is this new sVOD service on iq3/iq4 that they’ve announced something different?


Foxtel do not know what they are doing. They keep confusing the market with their offerings. Clearly it is desperation and there business model is broken and they have all these rights fees to pay. Hopefully this will break them and send the sports back to free to air.

When it comes down to it one thing is costing them viewers… price!! It is price alone. Everything they offer is always so overpriced.


i disagree 100% why are foxtel saving shows like a place to call home and have over 100,000 People watch if it was overpriced??? i think your wrong and so do 100,000


I think you just answered your own question.
100,000 viewers from a population of 25 Million…


I’m a Foxtel subscriber and I certainly think it’s overpriced!


so am i but because im a loyal customer i asked for a special deal and got it only for like $90 a month


It’s over priced. Penetration rates is below 30% the smallest in the western world.

If you think $90 is cheap then you’re delusional. Stan and Netflix are around $10 a month and they have greater depth of programming.


I’ve got the cheapest package just for sports and it’s still $40 a month. Compared to Fetch where we pay $21 a month and it feels like we get much more value, just a pity about the sports.


It all comes down to sports and premium drama. Netflix and Stan can’t be compared


Same. $39 for Foxtel Now sports + 1 basic package.


I just got a reply from Foxtel regarding the future of Foxtel Now.
“Foxtel Now is a successful part of our product offering via the internet. We’ve made no announcements to changes in that product line up.”


It’s about time that Nickeldoeon, Disney Channel, Disney XD and Cartoon Network share an Pop Up HD Channel for Special Events, Marathon Episodes and Original Movies simulcast in HD, The Channel will close once the Things Above Ends.


Sent back my old IQ3 from the computer room, the IQ 2 from the lounge and the faulty IQ 4 they sent me.

as i was doing the drop off 4 people also arrived to do the same but only 1 had upgraded to the IQ4 – the rest were disconnecting