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So that’s what Bill Woods is up to these days :stuck_out_tongue:
Didn’t even know he was on TV still.


I’ve seen ads for a sports streaming service called “Kayo” it carries sport from Fox Sports, ESPN and beIN Sports. Is that the “Project Martian” service that Foxtel promised earlier in the year or is it a completely different operation?


It’s from Foxtel. More here Kayo Sports


From Athletics Australia:


Athletics Australia (AA) is excited to announce a new streaming partnership with FOX SPORTS that will help deliver a record number of athletics competitions being broadcast over Summer 2019.

In total, over 50 hours of athletics content will be streamed and made available on FOX SPORTS, Kayo Sports and thru Athletics Australia’s “Aths TV.”

Coverage will be delivered to fans via FOX SPORTS digital services and in the future via a brand new, multi-sport streaming service, Kayo Sports which has recently launched and provides over 50 sports Live and On Demand.

Fans will be able to watch a number of Athletics Australia events over the upcoming Summer of the athletics track & field season, including the four key events that will make up the Summer Super Series:

  1. Canberra Festival of Athletics (28th Jan 2019)

  2. Sydney Track Classic (23rd Feb 2019)

  3. Jandakot Airport Track Classic, Perth (16th March 2019)

  4. Queensland Track classic (23rd March 2019)

These events will see the nation’s best athletes compete for points and prize money, to be awarded according to consistency and performance across the four meets.

Athletics Australia CEO Darren Gocher believes the partnership will be extremely positive on for Australian athletics.

“Athletics Australia is immensely excited that this new partnership will help deliver unprecedented coverage of athletics to more Australians across the summer,” said Darren Gocher.

“We have a big few months of competition ahead, particularly with the launch of our new Summer Super Series and fans will be able to stream the action on FOX SPORTS digital services and in the future via the new multi-sport streaming product, Kayo.

“The coverage will provide a platform to promote awareness and accessibility of our foundational sport, as well as highlight the immense talent of our nations athletes.”

In addition to the Summer Super Series, FOX SPORTS will also stream selected events from the 2018-2019 Summer of Aths. Those events will include:

  1. Australian All Schools Championships (7th-9th December 2018)

  2. Australian 10,000m Championships (Zatopek:10) (13th December 2018)

  3. Hunter Track Classic (25th January 2019)

  4. Australian 20km Race Walking Championships (10th February 2019)

  5. Australian Track & Field Championships (30th March - 7th April 2019)

“FOX SPORTS Australia is delighted to be partnering with Athletics Australia to help deliver unprecedented coverage to fans across the country. The Summer Super Series will be streamed to a new generation of viewers via FOX SPORTS digital services and the new sports streaming product Kayo Sports,” Rebecca McCloy, Director of Acquisitions & Sport Partnerships for FOX SPORTS Australia said.

“This coverage is made possible as part of our partnership with the Federal Government which sees FOX SPORTS supporting more niche, women’s and emerging sports to provide a platform for their sport to be shown,” McCloy continued “We are excited to showcase our national stars and raise the profile of Athletics in Australia”.

In addition to being streamed on FOX SPORTS digital and Kayo Sports, all footage will be housed on Aths TV, which will be available at, and Athletics Australia’s Facebook and YouTube channels.

To officially announce the new partnership as well as launch the Summer Super Series, AA hosted the 2018 Superstar Challenge at the Victorian Institute of Sport.

So far in 2018 there have been five Olympic events Australian athletics records broken:

  1. Joseph Deng – 800m in 1:44.21 in Fontvieille, Monaco

  2. Linden Hall – 1500m in 4:00.86 in Eugene, United States

  3. Kathryn Mitchell – javelin threw 68.92m at the 2018 Commonwealth Games

  4. Claire Tallent – 50km walk in 4:09.33 in Taicang, China

  5. Brandon Starc – High Jump jumped 2.36m in Eberstadt, Germany

To celebrate these feats, AA gathered the above athletes to film them taking on a number of challenges, ultimately determining who is the “2018 Australian Athletic Superstar”.

The tasks were not limited to track & field events, and incorporated skills from a variety of sports such as basketball, table tennis and gymnastics.

Ultimately High jumping superstar Brandon Starc was the winner and was crowned the 2018 Australian Athletics Superstar.

“It’s great to finally get this recognition for our sport,” he said.

“It will be a great thing for athletics to be streamed into Australian households,”

“And even better that I won today, but the real winners are all Australian’s who will finally get to see Australian athletics on their TV’s at home”

The first event to be streamed by Foxtel is the Australian All Schools Championships (7th-9th Dec 2018).



No FTA coverage of the 2019 Asia Cup.


Like a devastated man says, Absolutely the Free to Air Viewers were robbed.


It’s allegedly a mickey mouse tournament according to one UK pundit this morning, so I’m not surprised


What about European Championships or Copa America (for South American teams)? Will he call them mickey mouse tournaments too?


Fox Sports will show a new national softball competition in early February 2019.


UFC events will move to ESPN starting this Sunday to coincide with the move to ESPN in the USA.
“Catch UFC Brooklyn this Sunday on ESPN Australia / NZ!!
Prelims: 12pm AEDT/2pm NZDT
Main Card: 2pm AEDT/4pm NZDT”


I assume Main Event will still show major UFC bouts?


Main Event will still show all the Pay Per View events, it’s just the Fight Night events which are moving to ESPN


Has anyone herd anything about 507 just being a normal channel now? it’s just been playing continuous programming live or not for about 5 days now.


With 501 being cricket, 502 League, 504 AFL and 506 basically motorsport, it shouldn’t come as a shock that 507 is now normal with all the properties they’ll be showing.


Fox Sports stops live coverage of NASCAR; just another moment of stupidity from Fox Sports.

From this year it will only show highlights programs from the events.


Quite ironic as Fox Sports has branded 506 as motorsport channel.
No NASCAR on Fox Sports means Aussie viewers also miss out on seeing Daytona 500. ESPN, 10 or Seven should consider acquiring the rights.


Another word comes to mind - cost-cutting.

A earlier example was them dropping the NHL last year


Now why would that be… let me think over paid for cricket rights which hasn’t brought any new viewers over instead has people switch off fox and move over to their cheaper per month app system instead?

Oh my hearts bleeds.


Fox Sports has confirmed to Speedcafe that it will only show highlights of NASCAR races (including Daytona 500) this year. The report also says Fox Sports is still in talks with promoter of World Rally Championship on a new broadcast deal, after the network didn’t broadcast the opening round of this year’s competition from Monte Carlo.