Fox Cricket

Off-tube, as with all their non-Sydney games.

Today’s WBBL grand final from North Sydney Oval (Sixers v Strikers) will be shown live on Fox Cricket channel 501, with the final two sessions of the final day of Prime Minister’s XI v West Indies shifted to Fox Cricket+ (channel 503).

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Still Fox Cricket+?


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Ian Smith is part of the fox commentary team, probably because NZ doesn’t have cricket in NZ until Feb after the India ODI’s finish today

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He doesn’t do any TV commentary in NZ at the moment, he’s signed with Sky and Spark have the internal NZ international rights.


*any cricket commentary on TV. He does Rugby Union work a bit, mainly as a sideline commentator from what I’ve seen.

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For this series?

Correct. But given this is a cricket thread…

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Yes I’m aware. The statement however was


Commentary didn’t feel right today. Definitely missed Warnie.

Also no Isha and Michael Vaughn.


New mic flags?

They look like the generic version of the old ones before this look, actually. Often the bottom bit would be coloured in that sport’s colour and icon (green and the chevrons for rugby league, red and a cricket ball motif for cricket, etc) but I imagine there’d be plenty of generic ones about for general sport pressers covered by (say) Fox Sports News, for instance.

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Yep they say “Fox Sports” and not “Fox Cricket” like the older ones did.

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For Pak v Eng. Fox taking the Sky Sports post game coverage and not the host broadcaster PCB coverage


Back in action today, they said she was ill.


Could it be that SKY is doing the English language feed, and PCB is thus just doing a native Urdu language feed for PAK viewers only?