Footy Classified

Agree. He was way over the top and sounded intimidating.

I also don’t get the point he was going on about - you don’t make a cent more in this year’s rights deal by moving this year to twilight.

If moving to a twilight or night GF is a price paid for the next rights deal, sure, but the money for this year is locked in - that’s what the AFL is deciding this week, this year’s Grand Final’s timeslot.

I absolutely think you should leave it for this year in the traditional slot for the sake of bringing the grand final home to the MCG - move it next year, whatever, but have a year to get back to normal.

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Disappointing there was no second episode this week because of State of Origin. There would’ve been a lot to talk about, especially everything going on at Melbourne. IMO they could’ve aired it in the AFL states straight after Origin finished.

When, at 11:30?

I think they meant “once the final siren had gone”, which would’ve been roughly 10.15pm give-or-take. (Did the post-match yap seriously go as late as 11.30? Yeesh.) But gone are the days when Nine want to treat their flagship as just a Sydney/Brisbane product - so the pre/post-match is probably likely to stay.

(Unlike Seven who’d probably tell the southern audience to watch the post-match on 7mate, especially if it was something like Front Bar in the way.)

I wondered if Classified could’ve worked on Gem for that night but if it was on at (say) 10.30 that’d throw the schedule into more disarray than usual, given the league-states replay would normally happen at midnight. With 100% Footy in the north not happening twice a week, I suspect they just said “:man_shrugging:” to it.


Tonight’s Footy Classified has Eddie McGuire discussing Tasmania Relication given the Standalone Option is Dead in the Water.

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Standalone option is dead in the water? Many Tasmanians will think otherwise.

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Catching up on last nights show. Honestly. Eddie is too much. Wish they’d move him on again from the Wednesday night show.


When he first started I liked what he brought. But he is just such a bully. And I can’t escape that thought.

He is a lot more polished than Craig Hutchinson though.


Agree on both respects.

Wednesday night edition of Footy Classified is like a bad show you should stop watching but just can’t turn away. I love the back and forth with Eddie and Caro, despite how frustrating Eddie can be sometimes.

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Just checked out the ratings and it doesn’t look that popular though I suppose you can’t expect much for its post 10pm slot. Last night in Melbourne it was pretty much a dead heat between Footy Classified, ABC Late News, Bull and Unbelievable Moments Caught on Camera.

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I wish they’d give it a fixed slot on Gem or something, you always sit through some excessively boring stuff on Wednesdays, or need to watch the late news on Monday.

I’ll take Eddie any day over “the five time, yes five time” Hutch, though watching Hutch squirm about taking gambling money was worth it this week. At least Eddie’s a fan of football deep down, I never get the impression Hutch can consider things from any angle other than what’s best for his bottom line.

It’s no AFL 360, but it’s the best FTA has so I keep watching.


Footy Classified will be shown on 9GO! in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth tomorrow (Monday) night at the special time of 8.30pm, due to Wimbledon coverage on Nine’s main channel.


Argh my eyes :nerd_face:

It was mentioned on 3AW Football today that Caroline Wilson will be absent from her media commitments, including Footy Classified, for the next four weeks, because one of her daughters is getting married in Europe.