It looks nothing like that animation. :wink:


They couldn’t even get someone to dress up like the Colonel for f##ks sake. Just some poor sap in a ridiculous chicken suit. This was poorly organised and run. I left after an hour. I have a $10 credit at a nearby KFC because they screwed up an order, I’ll just get a giant feast and make it spread out a few days.


Gorgi Coghlan along with her husband Simon and their business partner Drew Harry have renovated and reopened the Provincial Hotel in Ballarat. There are 23 rooms and a new restaurant called Lola which is ‘casual contemporary cafe by day, sophisticated european-style bistro at night’, with most produce and wine being sourced from the Ballarat area.



I went to Sizzler for the first time in years last night. The food was OK, but it looks like the owners have really let the place go, felt like it hasn’t been touched since the 90’s. Still 3 stores in WA. Innaloo will be probably next to go given Event Cinemas is moving to Westfield Innaloo in the next few years.


Feels like a very budget version of a buffet restaurant. I feel like that place is almost finished.