We all love food right? Well I have recently become a vegetarian and have hit that point that I need something new to cook. Anyone here got any recipes or ideas? I am so over pastas though.


What were your reasons for becoming vegetarian? Ethical or health? Just out of interest.


Find some chinese/asian stir fry receipes and omit the meat. I sometimes love a veggie stir fry and cauliflower rice for lunches during the week if I’m on office duties.


Ethical. I have a story and some think I am a bit crazy. But I don’t care what people think of me here. Basically a bird came up to me near the beach. I am scared of birds normally. I then saw it go over to a plastic bag and thought i better go put that bag in the bin. I waited to see if the person walking past it would do it but they didn’t. So i did. Then when walking I stood on $20. It was then that I decided to become vego.


Was it a cuckoo bird? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Interesting. Fair enough then. I certainly care about animal welfare etc but could never become a vegetarian.


Meat is just too tasty, amirite?

(Don’t interpret this as my feelings towards vegetarianism)


So… to a point?


Pretty much, yep.

Yes. I don’t like seeing animals mistreated but I also like eating them when they are dead.


haha I felt the same. I ate meat constantly, basically every meal. Loved it. But I said I would do it, have and haven’t missed meat yet.


Do an omelette with veges in it - Capsicum, onions, mushrooms, throw in some chives, garlic, basil and put some cheese in it. If you wanna be fancy, sprinkle some herbs and spices once in pan when the omelette is cooking in the pan and also for an explosion of flavour (herbs and spices I usually put in include - oregano, paprika chilli powder, salt and pepper).

Can also eat the classic vego pie and chips.

When you’re not sick of pasta anymore, get like vego ravioli/ tortellini and my personal favourite gnocchi. Put them in like a rich tomato sauce with some carrots and onions and some of the herbs and spices mentioned above. If you really wanna, put some red wine in the sauce as it’s cooking away for a hearty feeling.


Why is cauliflower so expensive at the moment. Went to go buy one today to make a cauliflower curry and it was going to cost me $11 for a whole cauliflower. WHAT?


Yeah it’s shithouse, especially since they’re never really out of season.

Probably something about the supply being lower, not too sure though.

I’m more of a broccoli guy myself and I don’t keep up with Aus’ #1 food programme, Blackcurrent Affair [I’ll see myself out].


Everything can no doubt be blamed on the use of wind power in SA.


Halal Snack Packs. You are now the second food I cannot eat without spending a night on the toilet. Filling and delicious but my god you do a number on my arse. :laughing:


A review of Alan Jones and Mark Latham’s cookbook Conversations in the Kitchen. I will not be rushing out to buy it.


I’m pretty sure one cannot live on bile alone.


Jamie Oliver’s group of Australian restaurants have been placed in administration. The Canberra restaurant had already closed.


Free KFC and buckets tomorrow. I’m hoping it’s in those buckets they only giveaway with the $40-something Giant Feast. I’m a fat so and so and even I can’t eat $40 worth of chicken by myself. :rofl:


And it was shit. Pissy little tenders, crap music from a crap DJ, some of the pushiest people going around, helped by the fact that they didn’t even care about the orderly line people had formed and just let everyone run and swamp the poor helpers, and an MC who I wish was shot JFK style from a nearby building. And the bucket wasn’t even that impressive!