Five AA Adelaide

If you have been watching the survey results, afternoons has been an absolute disaster, by far the lowest share of any metro talkback station consistently throughout her time on air.

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I liked Jade and thought she would pick up ratings after she took over from Pilko but wasn’t to be.

I don’t think Angie will get the role long-term, so it will be interesting to see who they go with. Leith Forrest to afternoons and then Andrew Reimer at night would work, but that would mean an all male lineup. I think it will be a female.

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ABC Adelaide breakfast radio presenter Stacey Lee is believed to be moving to rival station FIVEaa to host its afternoon shift

No surprise, quite obvious by her commercial style presenting on ABC Adelaide.

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Wow! This is awful!

A sad sad sad day for radio in Australia.

Blake is a great talent, I suppose Nova will run more sports content.

FiveAA just running repeats of the days interviews between 7pm and 8pm. I wonder if they will stick with that in 2024?