Fictional News Bulletins In Films & TV


Wentworth Season 6 Episode 3 featuring Paul Murray.


This is another good fictional news bulletin from the college humor YouTube channel.


Rampage news bulletins


Hermione Kitson during an episode of Rush in 2011.

Mal Walden in The Dish.

Weak examples, but I’ve seen heaps over the years, love it.


Datsun’s Break Through News election coverage on against what’s to be The Datsun Party and Becaar. The title “Break Through” refers to their slogan which they used.

The ad is abit simular to the ones that Vodafone has before but with SIM Card signs.



Fans of Peter Overton can look forward to his cameos in Nine’s upcoming drama Bite Club.


Russell Coight's All Aussie Adventures

Good Morning Rockhampton


Who’s the blonde?


Romy Erdos


Is that a real show?


It’s a shame comedy and other fictional programs have to invent the kind of television that should exist in Australia.


I think that desk has been used before just with the ten logo covered up


It has also been used when Studio 10 is in Melbourne.


Bite Club


Skip happens


Yep, very much inspired by the 2012-14 supers for ACA:


Film at North Sydney TAFE in St Leonards.


The Weekly