Fictional News Bulletins In Films & TV


Didn’t get a picture, however in Pacific Rim: Uprising there was a clip of Peter Overton in one scene, however the graphics were CNN I believe.


Is it coincidence the movie used the same logo as Channel Seven in Australia?


Law and Order tonight


Lost in Space


I saw that one… my first impression was nothing has changed in 100 years into the future?


Lost In Space 2018 is set about 30 years in the future


The Lottoland commercial that was shown back at the end of January this year.

And this one might not be fictional but looks like it though as Perth Children’s Hospital will become fully operational on June 10. Maybe it is there because it is a reminder for people in Perth.


Peter Overton in Pacific Rim 2





News report about a beached whale in the fictional town of Wallaroo in the 2018 Australian comedy Swinging Safari set in the 1970s


TV show Humans


House of Cards

House of Cards


Unbreakable - Season 4


Arrested Development - news across the decades


Some nz stuff hopefully not region blocked will try post caps if I can.

Uses Threes the project studio


The Project set would actually make a nice news bulletin studio.


Mr Robot


Netflix’s End of the F***ing world


Still think this is the best fictional news broadcast.


Love it! Don’t know where we will be without SBS. Loved the News Reader Battleground and Real News Readers of Sydney skits too! Pure gold!